Serve-a-thon Hong Kong

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A nine-day volunteering marathon featuring 150 charity activities happening across the whole city.

The largest volunteering event Hong Kong returns. More than 50 charities and non-profit organisations have joined hands to put together a citywide volunteering marathon over the span of nine days. Thousands of volunteers from all occupations, including schools and corporations are providing aid and support to those in need in Hong Kong. People such as sick children and the elderly, disablable persons and refugees, as well as working on issues like the environment and cruelty against animals. 

Simply go on the website and sign up. You can pick any time and area, and the type of volunteering that you're interested. There’s always one happening throughout the day, so you'll definitely find one that suits you best. It's a great way to give back to society! 

Event phone: 2613 9070
Event website:
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