Super blood moon eclipse 2021

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Pixabay super blood moon
Photograph: Pixabay/Myriams-Fotos

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If you missed the pink supermoon in April, now's your chance to catch another cosmic phenomenon, as a blood-red supermoon eclipse will appear in the sky on May 26! According to the Hong Kong Space Museum, the total lunar eclipse will begin at 7.11pm and end at 7.26pm, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 7.19pm. During this 15-minute period, the moon will take on an unusual copper-red tint, resulting from the sunlight's red components being refracted onto the moon's surface, as the blue component is scattered away as the sunlight passes through the Earth's atmosphere.

Since the elevation of the moon is estimated to be low during the eclipse, the Hong Kong Space Museum recommends to view the eclipse outdoors from a site with an unobstructed view in the east to southeast direction. However, if you would prefer to stay indoors, you can catch the live streaming of the total lunar eclipse on the Hong Kong Space Museum's YouTube channel from 7pm to 9pm, where assistant curators of the museum will also share other interesting scientific facts and stories with the audience.


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