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  1. Children Medieval Band Sing Rammstein

    ‘Formed the spring of 2011, at the time of recording these children were ten (Stefan, lead singer), eight (Olga, keyboard) and five (Cornelia, drums). Like most people, I started off watching this vid amused by how inappropriate it seemed, a feeling that quickly gave way to considerable admiration. The five-year-old drummer is extraordinary! A mini Mo Tucker. Rammstein saw the video and on May 20 2012 the children opened for Rammstein at the Denver Coliseum with an audience of 10,000 watching. You can see that on YouTube too.’

  2. Tambourine Master Gonzo

    ‘Tambourine Master Gonzo is a Tokyo-based performance artist who mainly does his act at a club in Akihabara and a few other venues. His command of the tambourine makes Mick Jagger and other well known exponents look like confused twats.’

  3. ‘GYM’ by Dave Neurotic, Young Zeus and The Duffinator

    ‘Whereas once bodybuilding seemed the preserve of amiable simpletons and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s now an entirely legitimate, cool and sexy way for young people to occupy their bodies and their minds. This is their rousing anthem.’

  4. Shadow Pico

    ‘A great bit of music video reinvention featuring One Direction from a master of the online re-dubbing genre, Bad Lip Reading.’

  5. Darwin Deez – You Can’t Be My Girl

    ‘Great vid for the man who arrived last at the indie pop dressing-up box by director Keith Schofield who inserted Darwin into various bits of stock footage to highly entertaining effect.’

  6. And from the Adam Buxton vault:
    Adam Buxton’s ‘Bug’, Prog 1

    ‘This show's got everything! Amazing music videos, stunning song and dance numbers, and one of the best hosts in the business. Don’t know why it hasn’t been recommissioned. The world’s fucked.’

Adam Buxton chooses five funny web videos

The ‘Bug’ host and internet whizz reveals some of his favourite clips on YouTube


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