Gay bars in London

Discover the best gay-friendly bars and pubs in London

London's gay scene is bigger and more diverse than anywhere in the world. Here's a comprehensive list of the capital's gay and gay-friendly bars and pubs, including those predominantly for lesbians.

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Gay bars in east London

  • Backstreet

    Wentworth Mews, E3 4UA

    Yes, it really is down a backstreet, and how appropriate: this is a hardcore, underground gay bar. Don’t come if you’re hoping for Kylie and cosmos. Instead, expect late-night cruising for the...
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  • BJ's White Swan

    556 Commercial Rd, E14 7JD

    Something of a local legend, the White Swan is the East End’s most famous gay boozer. The comedian Michael Barrymore famously came out on stage here. Sir Ian...
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  • Dalston Superstore

    177 Kingsland High St, E8 2PB

    The hippest new venue on the scene is not officially gay, more like post-gay. Situated in Dalston, north-east London’s most über-arty district, it is suited to its surroundings: a...
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  • George & Dragon

    2 Hackney Road , E2 7NS

    This old-fashioned, gay-friendly boozer is the hub of the trendy Shoreditch and Hoxton scene. So naturally it gets busy at the weekends, when 24-hour clubbers pop in for a pint...
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  • Joiners Arms

    116-118 Hackney Rd, E2 7QL

    Some of the time, the Joiners Arms is a friendly gay local with regular entertainment and happy hours. On the weekends, however, it pulls a clubby crowd. At times, the...
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  • Nelson's Head

    32 Horatio Street, E2 7EH

    Formerly an East End geezer pub, the Nelson’s Head has been tarted up, with rich, dark blue walls, a cosy new carpet, and assorted objets d’art. It’s comfortable, a bit eccentric...
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  • Old Ship

    17 Barnes Street, E14 7NW

    A cosy pub on a classic East End square, the Old Ship attracts a mix of geezers and queens. It’s full of local characters who tend to know each other. Sometimes heads...
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  • Star Of Bethnal Green

    359 Bethnal Green Rd, E2 6LG

    This trendy East End pub is not officially gay, but the hip crowd is polysexual, and there are occasional gay indie nights here like Dick and Fanny and Unskinny Bop, usually on the third...
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