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Londoners are officially more likely to exercise than do anything cultural

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From exhibitions to bars to raving all night, London is a city of endless possibility. But our latest Time Out Index reveals that Londoners are more likely to have worked out this week than to have gone to anything cultural.

Two-thirds of the Londoners we surveyed had done some exercise in the past week. Far fewer had been to an art exhibition (22 percent), the cinema (17 percent), the theatre (16 percent), a gig (12 percent) or a nightclub (8 percent). However, on average, each Londoner still goes to a play, a concert, a gallery or a film every single week. We’re busy bees.

The results reveal some interesting trends. For instance, Londoners now go to exhibitions more than they go to the cinema. Could this be the Instagram effect? On the other hand, while 8 percent of Londoners want going out in the city to be more Instagrammable, another 8 percent want it to be less Instagrammable. Make up your mind, people!

Meanwhile, the number of people who think London’s nightlife is ‘amazing’ has decreased by 11 percent over the past year. Could this be related to venue closures and new curfews in party centres? Or maybe some Londoners are just over raving? Hangovers, drug use and all-nighters were down on last year. Our parents would be so proud.

So what do Londoners want going out to be like in 2019? You told us: more surprising, more local, more outdoors, greener and more secret and underground – but above all, more affordable. After all, if anything is going to make cash-strapped Londoners up their culture game, it’s making going out cheaper than hitting the gym.

Find out what else we discovered about Londoners, from our drinking habits to our sex lives, in the Time Out Index results

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