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Revealed: more than six out of ten Londoners have felt ‘fomo’

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The results of the 2019 Time Out Index are in, telling us heaps about how Londoners live, love and relax in the capital. And it’s clear that Londoners love going out and enjoying their city: three quarters of respondents said they considered London a fun place to be.

However, we also found out that a lot of the time, Londoners would rather be at home. Of the 5,000 Londoners who took part in the survey, 76 percent have at some point felt obliged to socialise despite not feeling pumped about it. And it’s not just a sense of duty impelling us to get off the sofa. We found that 64 percent of Londoners had experienced fomo: the fear of missing out.

If you’re unsure where to go, 28 percent voted Soho the best place to have fun, followed by Shoreditch with 22 percent of the votes. And when it comes to using your leisure time, 71 percent of people said they’d eaten out during the week they answered the survey, compared with the 22 percent who had meditated.

Which gave us an idea: next time your friends want to see you, why not suggest a mindfulness sesh? That way you get the hangout points while not having to actually do any talking. Just a thought.

Find out what else we discovered about Londoners, from our drinking habits to our sex lives, in the Time Out Index results

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