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London mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to reduce our city's meat consumption
Photograph: Andy Parsons

Sadiq Khan has pledged that London will eat less meat

Written by
El Hunt

So you’ve already ditched the disposable coffee cups and plastic straws, and you save on exhaust fumes by maxing out your Oyster on public transport instead of catching Ubers. Now it’s time to fight climate change by eating your greens, according to City Hall.

Currently, 13 percent of the city’s total emissions stem from food consumption alone, and a whopping 75 percent of that comes from animal-sourced food. That’s why, along with 13 other mayors from cities including Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Tokyo, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has just made an official commitment to slash meat consumption in our city.

City Hall is aiming to have schools, hospitals, and other public institutions around the city serve up meals that stick to the ‘planetary health diet’ by 2030. If you can’t bear the thought of turning full herbivore, fear not: the diet allows for about 300g of meat per week. The idea is to cut down on animal product consumption by balancing it out with loads more fruit, veg, nuts and legumes (sourced from organic farms wherever possible). Eating more green is also healthier, obvs. And luckily, London has tons of excellent vegetarian restaurants and vegan-friendly eateries.

The 14 mayors who signed the ‘Good Food Cities’ pledge have also vowed to half the amount of food waste produced by their respective cities over the next eleven years. Currently, the world chucks away a third of all food produced. Talk about food for thought.

Find out how you can make London greener by joining our campaign: How to Build a Green City.

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