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How to build a green city

Our new campaign celebrates green venues, events and Londoners, and asks how we can become a truly sustainable city


A lot of our city is green space. Around 47 percent of it, in fact. We love and depend on parks, squares and gardens: they are the lungs of London and its shared playground. So we’re delighted that our city will officially become a National Park this week. But while London is physically verdant, we’ve a long way to go to being a green city. Disruptors like Extinction Rebellion – who are staging a Summer Uprising across London and other cities this week – have raised our crisis awareness. You, our readers, have told us you want going out to be greener. Positively, across the capital, people and venues are coming up with cool initiatives to tackle food waste, pollution and plastic.

As part of our How to Build a Green City campaign we’re highlight the Londoners and London venues doing all of the above and more. Expect social takeovers from eco-warriors like Caitlin Mogridge (who runs, insight from experts and campaigners, and the new Time Out Green Light badge to signpost greener events and venues on our site and in the magazine.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you. Know a Londoner running a cool eco project? Tell us at Being greener demands huge changes, but every little helps, so if you are going to the park this weekend, bin your tinnies, lose the disposable barbecue and cutlery, and maybe sign up to one of these awesome schemes helping to keep London’s spaces clean…

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