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The Great British (ke)Bab Off is coming

Kitty Drake

It’s winter, life is boring and there are months between you and the next series of ‘Bake Off’. Don’t despair: a Great British (ke)Bab Off is coming to fill the void. On Sunday February 11, five restaurants are battling to create the capital’s ultimate kebab. In the ring are Le Bab, Yosma, Ikoyi, El Pastor and Pitt Cue Co, and guests will be able to vote on which is best. Tickets are £45, which is a lot more than your average drunken-night-out-doner, granted – but we reckon these contestants might be worth it. Le Bab are making one with barbecued lamb’s tongue and meadow leaves. Meadow leaves! Also all the proceeds go to Action Against Hunger, which is nice.

The Great British Bab Off will take place in two sittings on Sunday 11 February at Le Bab.

Got that late-night, six-drinks-down craving RIGHT NOW? Here’s our pick of the best babs in town.

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