London's best restaurants for kebabs

Discover where to eat the best kebabs in London

We've tried and tested the very best kebabs that London has to offer. Whether you're looking for grilled meat across town meant for more than just soaking up booze or you're after a traditional taste of Anatolia in Green Lanes, Dalston and beyond, let this list guide you. Have we missed your favourite meaty treat? Tell us in the comment box below.

The best kebabs in London

19 Numara Bos Cirrik

3 out of 5 stars

Venue says: “A unique fusion of the traditional ocakbasi (charcoal grill) and rich, cold and hot plates with the warmth of Turkish & Kurdish hospitality”

Recommended dish: Adana lamb kebab

Trendy Dalstonites now join the Turkish families that have been dining here for years, and prices have crept up, but 19 Numara remains good value. It’s particularly strong on kebabs, from a classic ‘sis’ (shish) to the ‘full mixed kebab’, a huge platter (including quail) to feed two or three.

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4 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Lamb shish kebab

Antepliler (which also has a younger, smarter sibling on Islington’s Upper Street) serves adventurous cooking from the Silk Route. The sogon kebab is a case in point: meatballs served with pomegranate sauce and grilled shallots, with a crisp salad and traditional Turkish pide bread.

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Kebab Kid

3 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: The chicken shawarma

A cut above your typical kebab joint, this cash-only hole-in-the-wall uses prime meat from Smithfield market. Our warm chicken shawarma, was moist and with nicely charred edges, and the addition of tangy, chilli-spiked taramasalata (recommended as a side) improved the overall dish. Judging by the long weekday queues snaking out of the door, the locals think it’s worth it.

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Parsons Green

Lahore Kebab House

4 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Single kebab skewer (chicken or lamb)

This consistently reliable Whitechapel canteen deals in full-flavoured Punjabi street food, from snacks and curries to the eponymous meat-on-a-stick. In spite of this joint’s moniker, there are only two kebabs on offer – one seekh (a ‘sausage’ of seasoned, finely minced lamb on a skewer), and a classic chicken kebab: both are excellent.

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Mangal Ocakbasi

4 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Lamb köfte kebab

The original branch of this Turkish charcoal grill may have basic décor, but it still scores big for its generous portions of good quality meat, sold at low prices. The exceptional beyti (spicy minced lamb) and shish (marinated lamb chunks) are skewered, char-grilled, and served with an oversized salad and warm leavened bread.

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4 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Lamb kebab

On a small side street off the Edgware Road, this tiny Persian hole-in-the-wall specialises in the char-grilled koobideh style of kebabs, where minced and seasoned lamb or chicken is moulded like a long sausage down the length of the skewer. Factor in the terrific just-cooked flatbreads and verdant salads packed with herbs, and you’ll forgive the cramped, basic surroundings.

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4 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Lamb koobideh kebab

Though there are plenty of rich, homely stews at this Persian restaurant, the tender kebabs are no means poor cousins. Head for the likes of lamb koobideh kebabs (minced, seasoned meat, fashioned around a skewer) or the chello joojeh kebab – a small whole marinated chicken (the joojeh in the name), all with grilled tomatoes and fluffy rice.

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Shepherd's Bush


5 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Starter lamb kebab

The cult following behind this iconic Pakistani canteen shows no sign of abating. The seekh kebabs (seasoned ground lamb, moulded onto skewers like sausages) are worth the visit alone.

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E. Mono

3 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: lamb shish kebab

Huge portions make this Kentish town kebab joint rather popular. We liked the tender chunks of char-grilled meat in the lamb shish kebabs best; salad fillings are varied and well-dressed. There’s an equally good range of sauces, including a fiery chilli.

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Kentish Town


Recommended dish: The lamb shish kebab

A long way from the Turkish heartlands of Green Lanes and Dalston, Marmaris nonetheless delivers some top-quality Anatolian-style grills in south-west London. Although primarily a takeaway (with a choice of breads wraps), you can also eat in; there’s a small licensed restaurant inside.

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3 out of 5 stars

Recommended dish: Chicken shish kebab

It may not have good looks or charming service, but no matter: it’s the high standards and reasonable prices here that keep the regulars happy. Chicken shish kebabs come perfectly chargrilled, but we’d also recommend the large iskender kebab: Tad’s take on this traditional dish is to use slices of lamb döner meat, which are topped with cold yoghurt and hot tomato sauce.

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Necat M

i used to eat at tad for awhile , until i noticed whenever the manager/owner was there,

the food was fresh and exceptional . i mostly order the lamb shawarma/doner  

and like i said its great when the managers there. but on every occasion when he wasn't there the meat turned up greasy and

dry. and this happened on several occasions, when we bought  take aways .

i cant fault the other dishes. as for the staff, well i think they need to install a revolving door for them, the way they keep changing. i tried anatolia as well which has a similar problem with the lamb doner, it's great when you eat in . but try a take away , and its like rubber. there chicken shish and adana is great though .

Mark M

Diyarbakir Kebab on Frampton Street, off the Edgware Road. In spite of all the competition from the many kebab shops on the Edgware Road locals all know that this little takeaway is the best


Terry's Kebab House in Hornsey

Iain R

Best Mangal Farringdon - Large mixed Shish is a winner, although can put you a food coma if you are not carful.

Shai H

My biggest gripe with living in Wimbledon: it caters towards the best food of all nationalities - other than West Indian and a good old-fashioned Naan Kebab.


Good list, I agree with the critic's choice and I wasn't expecting E.Mono... always ignored it but I'll give it a go!

Honestly Harringay is the ocakbasi paradise, this is my old list: but I saw they opened a few new ones in the past couple of years...any worth trying

Gergo M

I'm a firm believer in Corner Savoy just off Shoreditch High Street, excellent hot sauce, amazing portions and really nice staff, plus, obviously, more than decent food


Since Dionysus has now sadly closed, there are THREE London outlets that deserve special mention for serving a quality "minced meat mix" type of Doner Kebab:- 'Bosphorus Kebabs' - 59 Old Brompton Road SW7. 'The Best Turkish Kebab' - 125 Stoke Newington Road N16. 'Acton Hill Kebab & Grill' - 269 High Street W3.


The food at TAD is good but the service is S-L-O-W and the waiters are so rude! When I pointed out that we had been waiting over 40 minutes for our food our waiter told me that was not the case and simply walked away. No apology, no follow-up, nothing. When it did eventually come the food was good but in future I will be sticking with Anatolia - delicious food AND nice staff.

Evelyn Wolpert

The Best Kebabs, Fish. and Lamb Chops are all served in Stoke Newington. Very Reasonable prices. Hussan Restaurant, and many others along the main road do a raring business and are open until very late everyday. Everyone should try there.


I have eaten at many of these restaurants and am shocked that Beyti on green lanes by Newington Green is not there. my favourite Kebab restaurant in London. Fantastic cuts of meat, expertly charcoal grilled - all at a credit crunch busting low price. An absolute treat!


How can Best Mangal have been missed off. travesty!


Check out the appoval given on the Kebab Kid Group on Facebook! Courtesy of some seriously loyal customers!


Testi in Stokey for me too! Mmmmmm


I think the journalists just post thse who advertise wth the magazine as so many places have been missed even in general reviews Lahore is good, tayabs use to much colouring. Those who ever fly out from Heathrow should def try out Karahi Express - Its an indian restaurant similar to lahore. very popular in west london. full of locals


What about Testi in Stoke Newington??


What about the famous Lahore Kebab House just off Commercial Road in E1. I've been going there for years and despite it becoming trendy in more recent times the food is still second to none. Also Tayyab in Fieldgate Street, E1, also great food. You'll probably have to queue.

philip witriol

bouzoukia on the hill n10 very friendly plus authentic dancing and music on fri and sat lemonade hendon kosher with authentic yemeni sauces


BOLU BOLU BOLU of CAMBERWELL. and how was this missed?


Bolu Kebab in camberwell is by far the best late-night kebab shop. also Dionysus might just burn down again... acidentally....


Surely Crystal on Holloway Road deserves a mention? Easily one of the best in North London.


We need to know if the ingredients are any good or not. Many fast food outlets (a category in which kebab shops fit) and cheap eateries cut corners by means of pretty nasty ingredients. I wish Timeout and other publications would check the quality of the ingredients used (any establishments with nothing to hide would have no problem to allow this). Reviews based solely on presentation and flavour should nowadays considered lazy journalism...


surely lahore kebab house in hendon deserves a mention?

raj bains

karahi express in hounslow west does the best mixed grill around. succulent seekh kebabs,and chicken.


Best Mangal in North End Road was excellent on our first visit. I miss the Cypriot kebab restaurants what were so common in London some years back - but Best Mangel is a a great replacement. This was endorsed by people at a nearby table who live outside the neighbourhood, and who make a special effort to visit once a month. The kebabs and quail were perfectly spiced and cooked, the salad and the bread were fresh. My only gripe was the menu 'special' - grilled king prawns - which were the already cooked variety which were then grilled - so they lacked the flavour of freshly grilled prawns.


Mark: The Marathon is known more for it's entertainment (or lack of) rather than it's food.


Best Mangal on the North End Road is a fantastic kebab shop - fresh ingredients put together really well. Their wraps are tasty and healthy.


It's good to have this article but It would also be helpful to know which restaurants serve reconstructed chicken as I have had one or two dodgy chicken kebabs in one of the places mentioned and am now wary of this as I only like to eat real chicken kebabs.


I agree with Tayyebs, however Maedah has yet to impress me. You're missing Tas Firin on Bethnal Green Rd. I used to live around the corner and I miss it terribly (now I live around the corner from Maedah Grill).


Robin: Totally agree!


Woody's Grill in Camden - best kebab shop in the world!


What about Levante in Lewisham? best kebabs I've ever had.


What on earth happened to Marathon, Woody's Grill (both in Camden and on Stroud Green Rd), Nightstar on Holloway Road to name but a few?