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Miniature bed taken from the attic servants' bedroom of a doll's house
Photograph: Museum of London

The Museum of London wants to hear about your weird lockdown dreams

Tell them your pandemic nightmares (or blissful sleeping fantasies) to take part in this intriguing project

Chris Waywell

You know how there’s nothing more boring than someone telling you at great length about this ‘strange dream’ they had? Well, the Museum of London is obviously some kind of massive, public-facing masochist, because it’s actively asking people to describe their nighttime visions as part of a new project. 

‘Guardians of Sleep’ is being run in conjunction with the Museum of Dreams at Western University, Canada. The Museum is asking Londoners to register their interest in taking part by January 15 2021, and then those participating will be invited to contribute the dreams that they have experienced during the year of the pandemic and lockdown, creating a series of oral histories of people’s dreaming and sleeping world. ‘Guardians of Sleep’ forms part of the Museum of London’s ongoing ‘Collecting Covid’ project, which has been gathering physical artefacts and stories from people in London since early on in Lockdown 1.

Foteini Aravani, digital curator at the Museum of London, says: ‘Traditionally when museums have collected dreams it has been in the form of artistic impression, for example, paintings or drawings influenced by the events. However, this can often dissociate the dream from the dreamer. Instead, as part of “Collecting Covid”, we will collect dreams as first-person oral histories with the aim to provide a more emotional and personal narrative of this time for future generations.’

So, if you love telling people about your dreams, or if you just fancy being part of the story of the nightmare of 2020, get involved.

If you would like to take part in the Museum of London’s ‘Guardians of Sleep’ project, email by Jan 15 2021.

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