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Red London buses
Photograph: Chaz Bharj / Shutterstock

Will London’s buses be affected by the current fuel crisis?

Everyone is freaking out about fuel. Can you still get to work and/or the pub, though?

Chiara Wilkinson
Written by
Chiara Wilkinson

There’s a lot of scary information going around right now. Yep, we’re talking about fuel. London sites have been hit badly by a lack of HGV drivers delivering petrol to filling stations, a shortage compounded by Covid and Brexit.

But luckily for a lot of us in the capital, we rely on the trusty tube or our iconic red buses – none of that polluting, petrol-driven automobile nonsense. We're much too good for cars. 

As petrol stations start to ration supplies (reportedly) and lorry drivers seem rarer than a seat on the Central Line, the real question on everyone’s minds is if our country-leading bus service will be impacted by everything going on. 

Time Out spoke to Transport for London to find out.

‘London buses have not been affected by the fuel crisis,’ a TfL spokesperson told us. ‘And we do not anticipate them to be affected.’

This is apparently because TfL has its own managed fuel fill-up points, which have not been impacted by the HGV lorry driver shortage. It also has a fleet of more than 500 electric buses that just need to be charged up, bypassing the need for diesel or petrol altogether. 

TfL confirmed that it has no shortage of bus drivers and said there’s a contingency plan in place if it is ever affected by any shortages in the future.

Phew. Now we can get back to worrying about a shortfall in Nando’s chicken and Wetherspoon’s beer

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