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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

A Soho restaurant featuring dishes inspired by Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

‘Come back to my place’, shouted my Uber driver. ‘We’ll look after you!’ This exchange, back in May, was more innocent than it sounds. Having found out that I was half Sri Lankan (upon which he immediately high-fived me, causing the car to lurch thrillingly to one side), my Colombo-born taxi driver was now trying to solve my personal problems, namely how long it had been since I’d last had a decent hopper. 

These bowl-shaped savoury crepes, you see, are technically a breakfast item. So attempting to order them in a traditional Sri Lankan restaurant at the ‘wrong time’ is typically met by a baffled expression. Hence his offer to drive us to his place in Hendon, where his wife would cook. If I weren’t already running late, I might just have said yes. (And by the way: inviting a total stranger to your house for food is completely normal behaviour in Sri Lanka).

But now I wouldn’t have to. The Sethis, who are basically Midases of the restaurant world (Gymkhana, Bubbledogs and Bao are just three of their restaurants), have only gone and opened a Sri Lankan restaurant, specialising in…well, you know. 

And it is an absolute joy. As you might expect from a no-bookings joint in Soho, it’s small but stylish, effortlessly mixing old and new. Exposed brick meets wood panelling; pretty patterned tiles meet carved-wood devil masks. The menu, likewise, gives traditional Sri Lankan street food a fashionable lift. Slender breaded and deep-fried mutton rolls came with a ginger, garlic and chilli ‘ketchup’. A dinky dish of roast bone marrow with a fiery ‘dry’ sauce and buttery roti was disturbingly delicious, as was an unapologetically spiced guinea fowl curry. The egg hopper had a soft-middled yolk at its base, but crunchy batter at the top: this is no mean feat. 

String hoppers (steamed rice noodle ‘pancakes’) came with not just a classic mild coconut pouring curry but with a terrific fresh coconut sambol. To finish, watalapam (spiced ‘set’ coconut custard) was exceptional, even if the slice was the smallest I’ve ever seen. 

This I can live with. But what did leave a bad taste was the relentless upselling from the otherwise exceptional staff. Tone this down and Hoppers might just be one of the best new spots in London. Mr Uber should bring his wife.


Address: 49 Frith Street
Transport: Tube: Tottenham Court Rd or Leicester Square
Price: Dinner for two with drinks and service: around £70.
Opening hours: Mon-Sat noon-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm
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4 out of 5 stars

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Hoppers has been on my food/restaurant bucket list for a very long time and I finally got a chance to visit it!

Extremely excited I sat with the menu only to discover that you’ve got to pay for all the components of a dosa seperate.

For someone who has grown up with Indian food and South Indian food as a treat on meals out this was really surprising but never the less I thought this place has amazing reviews let’s get ordering.

We ordered a Vegetable Kothu Roti, Hopper, Masala dosa, two drumstick Sambhars, coconut chutney, tomato chutney and a brinjal moju.

Out came the steel sanis (plates) this was exciting. There’s something satisfying from eating in a steel plate.

The food has arrived!!! The presentation was great but unfortunately the food was so disappointing and tasteless, there was no spice, chilli or flavour. We were both so disappointed considering we had paid so much for something we could have got for less than £15 in East London which would have hit the spot and been a traditional south indian meal.

I think if you’re in it for the experience and you’ve never had a dosa before, you’ll think it’s great but if you’ve tried South Indian food in the past this just doesn’t compare.

South Indian food is good cheap easy to make food. I just couldn’t justify paying this again for something that wasn’t traditional and didn’t bring in the flavours of India.

Highly recommend this place; food and service excellent.. loved the cosy experience. You have to go when it opens to avoid disappointment as there is pre booking. I admit I do love srilankan food and thought it to be authentic 👌🏻🤯


After trying multiple times to get a table here without having to wait for 2 hours, we finally gave in and waited for a table (whilst having drinks elsewhere).

The staff were really helpful and were able to give great recommendations.

We absolutely loved the chicken wings, lamb kothu roti and the breads. We also ordered the pork kari however we thought this was spicy but didn’t have a load of flavour.

The food also comes pretty quickly so does feel a little too much like a fast food chain (I.e. not somewhere you could sit and chat all evening).

Overall good food but I don’t think I’d wait for two hours to go back.


Sri Lankan standout hoppers! 

Having just come back from Sri Lanka, it is evident to see why they say Hoppers is as close to the real thing as it gets. Flavorsome curry's are served with smaller garnishes - arriving as a plate of colour and surprises. The hoppers are delicately cooked with a perfectly formed egg in the middle (optional). Be prepared to wait to get in here, for some it takes away from the quality and experience but pop your name down ad grab a few drinks nearby. The food price is on the higher side for what you get, which is why my review inst quite reaching the 5 star mark. However, if you are seeking something a little different and a guaranteed good meal, Hoppers is your choice.


Waited approximately two hours for a table (on a Monday night, mind you) but finally was able to try Hoppers, something I'd been waiting to do for ages. We went for three £28 tasting-menus, which was recommended by a nice pair sitting next to us. I understand why restaurants force everyone at the table to get it but provided we'd shelled out £84 I thought we'd get a veritable feast. Although the food was absolutely delicious, we could try almost everything (which is why we opted for it in the first place, having next to no knowledge of Sri Lankan cuisine), and we were all left quite full, I don't think the price was worth the amount of food we received. The portions were quite small and in an expensive  (and competitive) city like London, if you're making a table pay that amount of money and making them wait that amount of time, you better make it worth it. I'm not yet sure if Hoppers did that. 

The new St Christophers place branch takes booking but they are hard to get! To have a good choice of dining times to choose from, you'll most likely have to book a month in advance. The restaurant is very popular and in demand for reservations. 

The food is delicious! Most of the vegetarian options are vegan friendly. I really enjoyed the plain hopper and cauliflower and aubergine kari. The tables are booked for 1.5 hours and you can feel the staff are trying to rush you out. Amazing food but the reservation system and short table times let the overall experience down. 


We waited about an hour and a half after arriving at 6pm on a Monday. The food was all nice, but nothing mind blowing and the portions were tiny. I would recommend spending half an hour on the northern line and going to banana leaf in tooting instead!


This is a magical place, the setting and the food are extraordinary and authentic. However go at an awkward time or be prepared to wait 2+ hours! 

Awful system trying to get into the restaurant. The soho branch said we'd have to wait 3 hours so went to the St. Christopher's Place branch and had to wait one and a half hours. The inability to book a table online for less than 4 people and making people hang around the area for 3 hours is ridiculous. Once we did eventually get through the door the food was lovely and the staff were nice. Please rethink your booking process.


As a Sri Lankan, I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about.  I thought this place was good and the dishes are impressive.  I think it is a little expensive compared to other (maybe somewhat more authentic) Sri Lankan places.  I know it's a tough comparison, but I also don't know if it quite matched up to my parents' cooking...


Possibly the most authentic Sri Lankar food I have tasted outside of the country. It is always a good sign when you walk into a Sri Lankan restaurant and it's filled with Sri Lankans. The only negative I have is the pricetag. The food is exceptional but it's not a place that you can just pop into after roaming around SoHo. Given how light the Sri Lankan food in general is, the price is a bit of a shock. 


What a feast! We had two of the £28 tasting menus which essentially gives you a bit of everything (you can choose different curries etc for variety's sake) and it was outrageously good. The chicken lollipops, the dosa, and the curries in particular were all excellent. Admittedly was also very lucky with timing, we arrived at 10.29pm just as the kitchen was closing but they let us straight in and were very friendly - quite surprised by some of the comments below about service.


Went on a Tuesday at around 6.30pm and had a wait of 1.5 hours, but luckily there's a nice pub close by where you can drink whilst you wait and they text you.

The food here is delicious, we had a few to share which I think is the best way - definitely try the dosas. The beer here is pretty good too. The only criticism I have is that I wasn't very full afterwards, the portion sizes could definitely be bigger!

Sorely disappointed. Success has gone to their head. 

Terrible service - everything arriving out of order, so e.g. our (unremarkable) bone marrow was stone cold by the time we got roti/idli to scoop it up with. Pricing is ridiculous. How can they charge £1.50 for a single tiny Idli? The portions of kari were also miniscule. The vegetable kari offerings were again unremarkable but fine. The meat was really not good at all. The waitress recommended the black pork which was tough, dried out and laden with far too much curry leaf. The lamb kothu roti was a greasy affair with big lumps of lamb fat - and greasy cooked dough, making it resemble a bad chinese noodle dish. The egg in the egg hopper was supposed to be runny but was over cooked and hard. The only truly yummy things were the pilau rice, the green chutney, and the (miniscule) roti. The staff was overly eager to hurry us along - and removed dishes while our group was still eating from them. 

I love appam/hoppers - but I'll make my own thank you - this is certainly not worth waiting hours for.


Excellent restaurant but prepare to queue as there is a no booking policy! I arrived at 6.30pm on a rainy Tuesday night and was told there was an hour and a half wait. Luckily they take your phone number and I could pop down the road to the pub for a pint or two whilst waiting for their text message to say my table was ready. 

Once in the restaurant my friend and I ordered a few dishes to share and I couldn't fault any of them. The starters of mutton rolls and bone marrow were incredibly delicious, and the Gotukola Sambol side dish was super zingy and very tasty. The staff were very helpful and friendly as well and were able to recommend some dishes for us. I will definitely return but maybe earlier in the evening so I don't have to wait for ages for a table.


Rather than having to waste your evening queuing outside the front of the restaurant for a table to come available, the Hoppers team instead take your phone number and text you when the table is ready. I love this - when a place has an annoying No Booking policy, this is the best way to redeem themselves as it means your customers don't end up resenting you wasting their evening while they wait to eat.

I've now been twice and had to wait about an hour each time (no problem with so many pubs nearby) The menu is difficult to explain if, like me, you're not too familiar with Sri Lankan cuisine but obviously you must order a hopper, which is basically like a bowl made of fluffy egg. The curries are super, especially the lamb. I really enjoyed the okra one, too. The bone marrow is also an absolute delight and it's thick with meaty juices. It's wise to get the recommendations from your waiter if you're undecided, but I think the best thing to do is try as much as you can. It's mid-priced but full flavour and honestly, worth the wait. I can't wait for their new venue to open in Marylebone with their booking options!


I must have been living under a rock having only just discovered Hoppers this week thanks to an Australian friend who's just moved here...embarrassing. We dodged the queues, it seems a hot sunny Thursday evening is the time to hit it up, having only had to wait a mere 10 mins. Lucky seeing as they've jumped on the bandwagon of the 'no reservations' thing. I didn't quite know what to expect for my first foray into Sri Lankan cuisine, but I was sold instantly when I saw the hoppers being served on the table next to us. I still can't properly tell you what a hopper is, but it's some sort of crispy, soft, chewy pancake bowl that's pretty damn yummy. Navigating the menu can be tricky, and sadly we didn't have the most helpful waiter in the world, so we ordered with our eyes and copied the seemingly Sti Lankan foodie experts next to us. We weren't disappointed. Asides from the hoppers and the posas (similar, but flat and rolled into a cone), I tuck into a chicken Kari (absolutely delectable) and we shared some veggie roti, which was incredibly moreish. Fruity cocktails provide a perfect accompaniment to complement the grub, while cooling off the spice. Service could have been better, after a warm and friendly welcome from front of house, our waiter let the side down by rushing through ordering and nudging us out with a subtle dumping of the bill before being requested (a no no in my books). However, on the whole it wasn't bad, just not the best. Overall, a top little spot, good value for great authentic food and drink with a holiday vibe atmosphere to match - check it out.


I waited a long time to get into Hoppers because they don't take bookings over the phone you have to rock up and be prepared to roll! It was definitely worth the wait though! The food was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend coming out of your food comfort zone here, just ask a staff member for a recommendation on something and I'm sure they will be happy to help. I personally wouldn't leave the poor staff alone but they were so friendly and helpful. The bone marrow dish was by far my favourite! We also got a lamb dish that was incredible. The meat was seasoned and cooked perfectly! We will definitely be returning.


Hoppers is by far my favourite Sri Lankan restaurant in London! Just thinking of the food is making my mouth water! The way they bring out so many delicious flavours is amazing. I recommend you definitely try the string hoppers, dosa, idli and vegetable kothu roti if you're vegetarian (and if you're not!). The food is served so beautifully in a traditional way on banana leaves in copper plates. The portions are small but the food is filling so order as you go is my tip! 

Lastly, I just want to emphasise the long wait for a table is most definitely worth it! Enjoy! :)

Waited 3.5 hours for a table for 4 on a Thursday night (even though I got there at 5:40pm to put my name down), but it was totally worth it! As long as you're happy to go and find a bar or something to keep you occupied, then it's definitely worth the wait. 

The food is super tasty, and the cocktails are pretty damn good too! Absolutely loved the chicken lollipops and the hoppers are delicious too! 

Definitely worth a visit if you're happy to wait.

Impossible to get in. They don't take reservations and as many times I went to put my name on a list at least five hours ago, its already full for the night. Whats the secret??


ever since I came, I find myself always craving their food! Shame they are so small, because they would hit it off for sure! Their food is fantastic, and lives up to the hype. The explosive flavours work together- a MUST 

Even though we live a few minutes away from Hoppers, we've been putting it off because of the long queue "rumor". Luckily I received a tip from a fellow food blogger about making a quick appearance to add thy name to the digital queue, it was easy as chips. There's an app that lets you know what your position in the queue is and text you when you are up. What a perfect excuse to grab a drink or coffee nearby. 

Okay onto the food (the most important part!). It's recommended that you order a few small bites, 2 curries, hopper or dosa, and a big main to share. We ordered their special crab kari, black pork kari, a whole chicken, lotus crisps, goat roti, dosa and a hopper. My fav dish was the chicken, it was heavily spiced but watch out if you can't take the heat. I enjoyed the crab kari too! Hopper was quite usual, I've never had anything like this pretty in a crispy pancake form. You can pair them in a few different condiments. All in all, it's was a wonderful experience, my pallet was quite intrigued. 


Hoppers must be one of the tiniest but most popular restaurants in London right now. Expect to wait 2-3 hours for a table whatever time of day you turn up (but the good news is, you can put your name down and then go to the pub, they'll call you when your table is ready). The vibe inside is cosy and buzzy, I liked the jazzy eclectic music they were playing too. 

Food is a variety of vaguely shareable starters and then the hopper and dosa mains (not quite so shareable). The lamb curry which accompanies the hoppers or dosas was fantastic and very tasty. Funnily enough it was quite different to the Sri Lankan food I experienced in Sri Lanka but I think that's because this style is largely Northern Sri Lankan and I didn't travel to that area when I was there. 

I enjoyed the meal and I would recommend that people do go and check it out. The only downside is they feel like they're trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible (and to be fair, why wouldn't they while it's still this popular?) The wine is sold only by the glass or half bottle, so we had to order double. It'd be good to see full size bottles on the menu but that's my only minor gripe. 

Definitely go! 


There's been so much noise regarding hoppers I honestly didn't expect it to live up to all of it......boy was I wrong! They are serving some of the most delicious sri Lankan food in all of the land!!! Aka London. I don't want to harp on one specific dish because honestly ....everything I repeat EVERYTHING was so yummy!!! The only thing was that we had to wait a long time for a table but honestly it was so worth it.

Hard to find a table - after many attempts, we managed to get a table and loved the food.

Staff's advice was very helpful.


Very tasty stri-lankan food that's a little bit over priced for the size of the portion. Many gluten and dairy free options and friendly staff. It's a challenge to get in, since they don't take any bookings, so either come in early or be prepared to wait at least an hour (they have a bench outdoor or you can grab a drink somewhere else and they'll text you when the table is about to be ready)


This little Sri Lankan gem requires a little patience and strategy to get a table, but it's well worth the planning. With a couple of signature gems like the hopper, a tangy mixture of a pancake and dosa made with fermented yogurt, and the kothu, an all you can mix dish with pieces of pita bread and loads or herbs, it is all packed with flavor in here. Choose one of the curries to go along, and a trio of little sauces to complement each dish. If hungry, don't miss out on the Wattapalan Milk, a true version of a granola bar in a consistent and delicious shake. To get a table, get there spot on as they open at 5:30 PM, or come with time to leave your name and go for drinks somewhere before it's time for your table - during busy times, this can be a 2-hour wait, so come prepared! 

We came here early on Wed evening, around 6pm and we got a table straight away (well one of us got there first to put our name down). They don't let you have a table unless the whole party is present. This place is VERY popular with those in the know as well as to Indians so... you know it's good. Pricing is very reasonable and the egg hopper is just the best with the chutney... and the Kari!


This place is absolutely worth the hype. Turned up at 11.45 for lunch and was already faced with a queue of 10/15 people, and luckily managed to slip in as the first wave of diners at lunch.

The food is SO good here, the service is perfect and the price is so on point. Mutton rolls are a MUST eat, as is the bonemarrow varuval. the varuval wasn't as punchy as I thought it would be, the flavours here are surprisingly subtle and deep rather than in your face and blowing it off with spice. 

How can a hopper taste so damn good? It's just basically a crepe. But somehow, SOMEHOW, these guys manage to turn it into one of the greatest single things you can find to eat in London. Seriously, it's THAT good. The dosa is good too but hoppers are the shit.

Black pork curry was very good, and the whole roast chicken (pictured) was incredibly good, tender and juicy and packed with flavour. Plus actually, those flatbreads it comes with are really damn good 

Didn't drink a huge amount here, but did try the masala buttermilk. It's basically a savoury lassi...not "horrible" but definitely not my sort of drink...

moderatorStaff Writer

Turn up at 11.55 for an early lunch and you'll avoid the queues. Simple menu but executed extremely well with a friendly service and atmosphere. 


The 1st anniversary event last Sunday was the first time I have been lucky enough to attend this Sri Lankan restaurant. I was impressed from the outset. The keen yellow polo shirted staff were energetic and extremely helpful. The dark wood panelling and tiled toilets gave this place some old world glamour. Amongst all the items presented during this event, the meat kothu roti (finely chopped roti cooked with meat and vegetables) stood out. It was also the first time I had been presented with the eponymous 'Hopper', a bowl shaped fermented rice and coconut milk pancake. The fried egg in the middle was an Instagrammer's paradise. This was delicious and has educated me beyond my usual dosas. The food was spicy hence the need for four bottles of tap water during our meal there. However, it was not uncomfortable. Although a ticketed event that evening, there were several people that were turned away. They obviously thought that the queues were non existent! I would definitely brave the hordes to come back.


Hoppers is one of those places that brings me excitement. It is this kind of little restaurant gems that makes you want to tell all of your friends how great the place is, but at the same time you want to keep it for yourself because you feel like it is ‘your’ place.
It isn’t just ‘my’ place, that’s for sure. I wasn’t the only one that go the memo about how amazing this place is. When I came to the restaurant there was quite a substantial line and people were being added to the waiting list. They have modern ways to update the waiting list and you are sent a link on your phone to follow the progress of waiting list. More or less, don’t expect to wait less than an hour. The wait is definitely worth is because I had the most delicious shellfish kothu roti. It was so good I still can’t over the fact how delicious it was.

Hoppers is now permanently on my list of my favourite restaurants and I am fearful that will get overly popular and it will be impossible to ever get a table


I bet you've thought about coming here for ages and when you finally did, you were told it would be a 1.5 hour wait? Well, let me tell you now, go kill that 1.5 hours in a bar somewhere and get yourselves back to this joint!

Pretty small place, crammed with as many tables as chairs as possible that you may end up sharing a table much like Wagamama's but you don't really notice ... unless you've ordered LOADS and encroach on your neighbours table space; be ready to get some looks if that happens.

The food is so worth that wait though, the Kothu Roti, the egg dosa and the Chicken kari ... *drool*. The cocktails are also pretty nice and the staff were great at advising what and how much to order. Between the 3 of us, we ordered a dosa each, one kari and one kothu, all of which was plenty ... I could definitely go for that kothu right now.


Best Sri Lankan place in London by far! And I'm half Sri Lankan...

Food is delicious. Contrary to other restaurants that sometimes tone down the meal to adapt to British palates, Hoppers serves authentic dishes, full of spices and seasoning without being overly hot. You can order normal mains, but I’d recommend choosing the small street food dishes and sharing. Try the egg hoppers, dosas or string hoppers. They’re very tasty and can come with a side of chutneys or samols. As a dessert I’d recommend the Vatallapums, spicy and sugary but not sickly-sweet.

As for the décor, it’s Sri Lankan but not over the top kitsch. A few traditional masks and movie posters give a nice vibe to the place. Staff is also extremely friendly and always happy to help if you don’t know what to order. It is sometimes very busy so you might find it a bit tight and claustrophobic when sharing a table with other customers.

Only real downside though is the no reservation policy (yeah, one of those!), but the queue moves on quickly. We were told we would have a 45 minutes wait when we arrived for dinner but received a text 20 minutes later telling us our table was ready, so don’t despair!


Excellent veg food, although the selection is far more limited if you're adverse to spice like me. As for the legendary queues, we got there Saturday around 4:30pm and waited for maybe 10 minutes before we were called in.

As for the food: I got the string hoppers with the accompanying sauces, the proper hopper with the coriander, coconut and tomato chutneys and the pol roti (grilled coconut roti) with gourd and cashew kari. The second hopper in particular is quite large and satisfying, with the coconut flavour quite mild, and the coriander chutney is the perfect accompaniment. 

The kari is a small portion with the cashew flavour really standing out. The roti though was a a bit bland. 

I'm dinging a star just bc the service was OK; our waiter forgot about our waters and we had to flag down another waitress. Ditto with the check. 

Everything I have read online about Hoppers has been so positive apart from the queueing time but I was happy to put that aside as I have queued for other restaurants such as Dishoom and it has been well worth it. I had high expectations and initially I was impressed by the interior and immediate buzz in the atmosphere. However thereafter I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed. My disappointment stemmed mostly from my first interaction with our waitress who made it clear that we had to order drinks. starters and mains altogether otherwise we would not recieve our food in a timely manner. I therein felt unwelcomed and at pressure to have to order, eat and leave which made the whole experience far too rushed.

Whilst the starters (some of the best mutton rolls I have eaten compared to many I have eaten in Sri Lanka) which came quickly were very good, again unfortunately the rest of the meal was lacking flavour and by all account didn't have the exciting factor I was expecting. The buffalo biriyani was pleasant but the fish curry was bland, had one piece of fish in it and lacked a depth of flavour. The sambols accompanying the hoppers were so small that the taste was hard to obtain. The hoppers themselves were huge and the base far too thick - I felt they were too big but probably due to the fact that they were priced at £3 per hopper!

The worst part of the evening was when we were still finishing our cocktails (which were very nice) and the waitress simply placed the bill on the table even though we hadn't actually asked for it!

It was disappointing overall and far from what I was expecting. Yes, there were queues outside but that will always happen when you don't take bookings but that doesn't mean that those customers who are sitting and enjoying their meal should be rushed and pressurised into leaving as that ultimately leaves a sour taste. And, whilst sometimes that is palatable overall the food was also disappointing and overall led to a disappointing experience. Whilst the ambition is there to make Sri Lankan food existing I think this unfortunately fails to hit the mark.

A good addition to the Soho dinning scene. Over hyped and definitely not worth the ridiculous queues but the food is good and the atmosphere and service pleasant. 


I went to Hoppers for the first time last week to see what all the hype was about. I came early, thank god, and only had to wait for about 40 minutes. Other people who arrived after us were given an estimated waiting time of 2 hours!

That said, they give you the possibility to track your position in the queue in real time and text you when your table is ready and needs to be claimed within about 10 minutes which is a great system for such a busy restaurant.

But enough about the waiting time! Our experience was very good. The cocktails were good, but could have been a bit stronger. For food, we each ordered an egg hopper with a curry and a starter to begin with. 

The bone marrow starter was insane! One of the best things I've ever eaten and such a good portion! In comparison, the lamb curry lacked a bit in size, but it was still delicious.

I definitely want to come back again soon and I think I might go for 2-3 of the delicious starters then. I'm not 100% convinced by the hoppers.

It was probably only a matter of time before the humble hopper started to make an impact on Instagram. The golden yolk in the middle of an eye catching, bowl-shaped pancake, presented on a gold tray complete with exotic banana leaf and a selection of colourful curries, chutneys and sambals, set off nicely by the dark wood table setting. Thankfully alongside being very photogenic, the food also tastes very good. The hoppers themselves are mostly vehicles for the other dishes described, and there was little to let the side down. Dosas provide a similar function, and the podi version is coated in a mix of spices which ensure it packs as much of a punch as whatever you dip it in. 'Short eats' are also excellent and bring more variety to the table. Bone-marrow varuval and chicken heart chukka were my personal favourites. I was a little disappointed to hear that desserts (which I had heard were very good) are no longer offered. Something cool and fruity would be a nice refreshment after the rich and spiciness that comes before, but I suppose those waiting for a table behind me were probably thankful for the omission. Getting a table here can be a challenge, but by getting in early I was seated straightaway, albeit slightly awkwardly as the middle two on a table of six. Sri Lankan food has long been overlooked despite the prevalence of their Indian neighbours, so its great to see it being given its chance to shine amongst the other Soho hotspots.

I was there with my team on a cold winter after noon. We were given a nice service. The food was great and tasty. A bit crowded at times and hard to get a table. However the down side is you will be charged separately for the chutneys (those little colourful things you see in the little pots). Other than that, the taste is very authentic. A nice authentic South Indian restaurant in the middle of Soho.


How do you feel about waiting 2 hours for a table at one of the hottest new tickets in town?

Honestly, it depends on context. Dining alone on a random Tuesday night, you might find that a bit too much to ask for. Dining with a friend on a Friday night with lots to catch up on and drinks available at a nearby wine bar might make it seem a bit more doable. Opening last autumn, Hoppers on Frith Street is exactly the kind of place where context becomes important because unless you rock up at opening time – and even then I imagine you’d need a certain amount of luck to guarantee a speedy seating– you ain’t gonna get in without a certain amount of determined hanging on for that all elusive table.

I love all types of spicy food – even if I’m not the slightest bit hungry, the vaguest scent of turmeric, cumin & curry powder makes me want to hunt down their origins with the steely & unshakable focus of Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’ – so the opportunity to try something new, in this case Sri Lankan food, was cause for much excitement last week. Launched by the creative & culinary team behind Gymkhana, the restaurant itself is intimate and warm in décor and being seated in the window gave us privacy from neighbouring tables and the opportunity for the hungry hordes outside to gawk at our plates like Victoria’s Secrets Angels at a Pizza Hut window 24 hours before the catwalk show.

Great service from the get go marks Hoppers out as somewhere that values its diners and in a world of overblown openings from overdone chefs, this is important. Friendly and welcoming staff take your name and number and text once a table is ready; equally happy and amiable staff welcome you once you make it inside. Explanations of dishes are offered and helpfully there is a clear & welcome glossary on the menu itself.

We started with the Cashew, Cassava & Ash Plantain Fry mix – at turns crunchy, spicy & moreish – alongside String Hoppers with Kiri Hodi (a mild coconut sauces) & Pol Sambol (a Sri Lankan relish made with fresh ground coconut, Maldive fish & red chilli) which was almost like a very light noodle patty. 

Main wise, your options are either the titular hoppers (incredibly light and crispy fermented coconut & rice milk pancakes in the shape of bowls) or dosas (fermented lentil & rice crepes folded into the most delicate & golden cones). Pick one, add an egg if you like – and I urge you to believe me when I say it’s fan-freaking-tastic! – then select a curry and you’re all set for a beautiful foray into the world of Sri Lankan cuisine. I went for the duck and it was gorgeously tender in a sauce that was vibrant with flavour but didn’t blow my head off…nothing worse than curry which destroys your taste buds to anything coming along afterwards. I wish we’d been offered desserts as I’d heard good things but couldn’t see anything on the menu but I’ll take that as a reason to come back again.

With starters ranging in price from £3.50 – 7.50 and mains topping out around the £10/11 mark, one of Hoppers’ big pluses is its unequivocal value for money. I love London for continuing to bring the food of the world to my doorstep and this first taste of the world of elegant & subtle Sri Lankan spices is one I will definitely be exploring again.

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Lunchtime here buzzes in they way you expect from a no reservation, communal table hot new opening in Soho. The service is friendly and food full flavoured delight. Helpfully there's a dictionary explaining the names of all the dishes, so if you've got no idea you don't have to ask or just take a gamble (like I would). It's not an overwhelming portion size so order more than one dish if you want to fill up. Will definitely be going back to try more.


This is one of the reasons Soho is my favorite hood to eat! Hoppers offers Sri Lankan street food in a cosy little bustling eatery. I read that the waiting times are up to an hour but i went on a monday, after lunch rush hour and just walked in and was offered a table. The Egg Hopper was a little underwhelming after hearing so much about how amazing it was. The lamb kothu roti was delicious, spicy and fragrant.My mouth was on fire so i HAD to order a dessert to cool off and the waitress suggested roasted rice kulfi with pandas jelly which worked! Overall a good experience and i'd definitely go back to try more!


Utterly, astonishingly good. Sure, it's one of those pesky no-bookings deals, but at least they let you put your name down and send you a text when your table's ready (Dog and Duck is probably the best nearby option for pre-dinner pints). So you'll not be queueing in the cold like a chump, unless that's your idea of fun. 

The food is excellent. Everything – everything – we tried was delicious, curiously flavoursome and spiced just right. It's best to take a few people along with you and order a selection of starters, curries and the pricier, bigger dishes. Everything arrives pretty quickly, so if you decide you've under-ordered, it's no hassle to call for reinforcements. Even the desserts were stunning.

My one criticism is the poor beer selection – a single, run-of-the-mill Sri Lankan lager for £4.50 a bottle. I'm sure nobody would call the restaurant out for being inauthentic if they put a few local craft options on the menu.

A stunning experience, and great value, too, at around £33 a head. GO.

Wow! I have wanted to check out this place since it opened but it is always packed. The wait was around 1 hour but you can put your name down at the door and grab a drink nearby. We ordered a mix of dishes and a Hopper or Dosa each with a variety of Karis and the portion sizes are perfect for sharing. All really tasty and different but on the slightly spicy side which was great for me but some may need a glass of milk on the side. I recommend the Bone marrow Varuval, Egg Hopper and any of the Karis. Make sure you order extra roti because it is that good! 

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