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Photograph: Andy Parsons

Sex in London

When it comes to sex in London there’s no need to hide in the shadows (unless that’s your kink). Over the past few years the city’s been hit by a wave of sex events that are fun and welcoming

Written by
Kate Lloyd

This week is sex week at Time Out. But we’re not here to talk about the ‘hidden, naughty side’ to the city, because London’s sex scene is wide open. Instead, we’re documenting how the city is becoming more sex-positive – from the welcome arrival of more queer-friendly sex shops to the rise in rope bondage and adult sex ed classes (let’s face it, your old biology teacher wasn’t qualified to explain pegging). Here are 15 ways the sex scene in London is changing. 

14 ways sex in London is changing

Now, instead of peeling back a sticky velvet curtain and trudging down into a basement to buy a vibrator, a new wave of queer-friendly and female-owned shops is making the experience an absolute pleasure. The city’s saucy stores have had a major glow-up

People are paying to improve their orgasms

With the wellness movement in full swing, it was only a matter of time before we realised better, regular orgasms could enrich our lives. London catered to the trend this year with a bunch of sexual pleasure workshops. Writer Paisley Gilmour finds out more

Even tourism is sexy now

We’re all so obsessed with sex that it’s now possible to learn about London’s debauched history on a ‘sex run’ in the city. Writer Grace Goslin joins the curious joggers

Sex ed classes for adults are everywhere

Erotic workshops are on the rise, as Londoners become increasingly aware that the scant sex ed most of them received at school barely covered how to avoid getting knocked up, never mind how to conjure up a knockout orgasm. We meet some of the teachers

...especially pegging ones

Once wrongly thought of as an exclusively lesbian sex act, strap-on play – or pegging, if we’re talking about a woman or someone with a vagina anally penetrating a person who may, or may not, have a penis – has become more mainstream than ever


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