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Urban beaches in London

Be beside the seaside right here in the city with London's very own urban beaches – sunshine not guaranteed

Brixton Beach © Ross Silcocks

There's nothing like settling into a deckchair with a cocktail in hand and feeling the warmth of sand between your toes. Don't worry, landlocked Londoners, there are plenty of chances to soak up some 'seaside' sun in the capital too – just throw down a towel at one of this summer's urban beaches – and if these don't make your ice cream float, there are some actual beaches near London too. 

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Now treat yourself to a swim

Lidos and outdoor swimming pools in London

Sunbathing and sand sculptures are all very well, but when the city hots up, nothing beats a refreshing dip in the open air. Make a splash with our guide to London’s lovely lidos and outdoor pools.

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By: Things To Do Editors


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Paula B

Where is the actual article about urban beaches?!

Darren s

Way to go with your fact checking. The photo you used at the top of the article about urban London beaches. It's nowhere near London though and is actually in Nottingham.