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10 ways to get 2016 out of your system before the new year

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Photograph: Jakob N. Layman Nothing like a romantic hike with one of these guys...

We don't know about you, but we need a drink. This year has had us on one hell of a roller coaster. We could get into everything that's happened this year that's caused us some additional gray hairs, but we think it's time to start looking ahead. Let's start 2017 off fresh. Sound naive? We don't think so. Here are 10 ways to get 2016 out of our system so we can say "hello" to 2017 with a fresh new perspective. 

1. Take one of L.A.'s best hikes; when you get to the top of whatever you're climbing, scream out everything that's been weighing on your mind—once you're done, don't forget to take in the beautiful scenery and think of all the fun things 2017 has in store for you on your way back down.

2. Rid yourself of all your pent-up stress and toxins by having a spa day at one of L.A.'s best spas—you'll welcome 2017 as stress-free as can be. 

3. Sweat out all the bad of 2016 at one of L.A.'s best gyms and ride that endorphin high through New Year's. 

4. Head to one of L.A's many playgrounds and get in touch with your innocence again, just be sure to take that feeling into the new year. 

5. We don't normally condone drinking away your sorrows, but who are we kidding? Sometimes going to your local bar and knocking a few back are just what the doctor ordered to go into the next day with a new mindset. 

6. We've all heard laughter is the best medicine, and given SNL's recent ratings, we think that might be the case right now. Head to one of L.A.'s comedy clubs to listen to comedians make light of recent events—it might just make you feel better. 

7. Take a yoga class. Yoga helps teach yogis how to balance not only their body but life, and might help you learn how to put things into perspective—exactly what is needed before going into the new year. 

8. This year has left us all feeling a little helpless. What better way to take back control heading into the new year than volunteering at some of L.A.'s best organizations

9. We like to travel to get a new perspective and clarity on the world and our lives. Whether it's a day trip, road trip or flight to another country, get out of L.A.—just be sure to come back! 

10. When all else fails, Vegas baby. 



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