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A guide to Downtown Los Angeles

Get to know Downtown Los Angeles with the city center's best restaurants, bars, attractions, hotels and more

By Michael Juliano

Posted: Tuesday November 3 2015

Photograph: Jeff Cleary/Flickr

Downtown Los Angeles has been swept up in a cultural resurgence unlike any other in LA's recent history. The city center has snapped out of decades of decline and—though it's far from perfect—become a bona fide modern metropolis. Downtown is a worthwhile destination for tourists and locals alike, whether to check out the museums and cultural institutions atop Bunker Hill, restaurants and bars in the Historic Core or concerts and sporting events in South Park. Though its old, beautiful buildings and contemporary skyscrapers may never steal the global spotlight from the Venice beachfront and faded glamor of Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles is quickly becoming the city's heart.

The best of Downtown Los Angeles

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