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The best new restaurants in Los Angeles to try right now

A romantic rooftop hideaway, an autobiographical tasting menu and some of the best pancakes in the city—here are L.A.’s best new restaurants this month

Chips and caviar at Pilot
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo Chips and caviar at Pilot

You’ve eaten your way through L.A.’s best restaurants and always keep your eye on the best bars around town. You’re your friend group’s go-to when it comes to dining advice, and while you can appreciate the oldies-but-goodies, you’re constantly on the hunt for whatever’s next—a huge feat, considering a restaurant, coffee shop or bar seems to open every day here in Los Angeles. Fortunately, we’re here to help with the top of the latest and greatest spots that’ve opened within the last month or two. Here’s our guide to the restaurants you need to try in November, so you can always stay ahead of the curve.

October was a big month in L.A.’s restaurant scene, and you can see it all over our latest update. Looking for what’s newest? November additions include the acclaimed and fascinating life story of chef Helene An told via a Vietnamese tasting menu; one of our favorite burger pop-ups landing a Silver Lake residency; the minds of Sqirl and Contramar teaming up for an L.A.-meets-Mexico City endeavor, and more.

Gotta try them all: The best new restaurants in L.A.

Pasjoli French restaurant Santa Monica Dave Beran
Photograph: Courtesy Pasjoli/Christian Seel
Restaurants, French


icon-location-pin Santa Monica

Dave Beran already wowed us with his tasting menu at Dialogue, and for his next trick, the former Alinea chef brings us even more of his attention to detail and technique with a charming nouveau French bistro. Pasjoli is replete with velvet seating areas, marble countertops, nuanced cocktails and some incredibly refined cuisine that knows when to play the understated card (a classic French omelet) and when to get showy (tableside pressed duck). While not as much of a splurge as Dialogue, Pasjoli certainly is a night-out affair—so welcome to your favorite new date-night destination. 

Da Lat Rose Crustacean tasting menu Beverly Hills
Photograph: Courtesy Da Lat Rose
Restaurants, Vietnamese

Dà Lat Rose

icon-location-pin Beverly Hills

Helene An’s Vietnamese tasting-menu concept is built—literally—on the foundation of her career. You can find Dà Lat Rose above Crustacean, her seafood restaurant and claim to fame, but at Dà Lat Rose, each course corresponds to a time or event in the chef’s life for a wild ride through marriages, daring escapes and new-world dreams told via artful Vietnamese dishes. You begin in the Beverly Hills take on a Vietnamese beer bar, where An’s childhood classics include tableside grilled razor clams and street food done up with escargot, tallow and butter candles. In the main dining room, the whimsy continues with more tableside flourishes and some truly throughful and reflective dishes meant to celebrate the life of the Vietnamese-food trailblazer, as well as look to the future of Crustacean and her family’s legacy. (And yes, you’ll still get her famous garlic noodles—here, they’re just done up with truffle and 24k gold flake.)

Dandi Korean pop-up restaurant la Hotel Normandie
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo

Dandi residency at Hotel Normandie

One of L.A.’s best pop-ups of the last few years finally landed a semi-permanent home and, fittingly, it’s right in the heart of K-town. Jihee Kim and Joshua Pressman are boldly, reverently reimagining Korean food with Dandi, their tasting-menu concept that walks the line between comfort and fine dining, available in either four or eight courses. A tostada of beef-tongue jjim hides under chive blossoms and a layer of cheese, while delicate mandu filled with shrimp mousseline bathe in plum wine and charcoal-and-chive oil—every dish a delight. November is already booked up (though there is a waitlist) and you can make your reservations for December 6th, 7th, 20th and 21st here

Hoxton Hotel rooftop restaurant DTLA Pilot Los Angeles
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, Contemporary American


icon-location-pin Downtown Fashion District

Downtown’s got its fair share of rooftop destinations, but few serve glamorous seafood towers and such sweeping views as the Hoxton hotel’s sky-high restaurant, Pilot. This chic seafood-forward new spot sports live-fire fare, including whole fish, grilled octopus and roasted seasonal vegetables done up with creative accoutrements. You’d be missing out if you skipped a spot–prawn–heavy seafood tower with a side of saffron aioli, though, or at least one of the fresh pastas on offer. (Our biggest tip though? Come during sundown for some true romance.) Head to the bar and lounge area on the other side of the pool for even more cocktails and fun programming.

Goldburger LA pastrami cheeseburger pop up
Photograph: Courtesy Goldburger

Goldburger residency

Allen Yelent already stole our hearts by making one of our favorite burgers in the city during his Goldburger pop-ups, and fortunately, now we know where we can always find them—at least for the next few months. These hefty smashburgers, pressed perfectly along the edges for both a crust and a pink center, can now be found in Silver Lake every Saturday and Sunday from noon until Yelent and co. sell out (which, by the way, happens every weekend, so get there early). The lines form quickly at 3319 Sunset Boulevard, where Yelent’s set up a casual shack where blue plastic trays carry grass-fed double cheeseburgers (some with pastrami, some with American cheese and grilled onions), plus fries and bottles of Swell Soda to tables under a tin roof. Will Goldburger be here six months? A year? It’s unclear, so for now, we’re just happy we know where to find it.

Photograph: Courtesy Fia/Wonho Frank Lee
Restaurants, Contemporary European


icon-location-pin Santa Monica

This is, without a doubt, home to one of the best patios on the Westside. Walk down a small alleyway and you’ll wind up in Fia’s split-level alfresco space: Bulb lights and tree branches hang over tables sporting charcuterie boards, lobster bolognese, filet mignon, crudos and other Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from veteran chef Brendan Collins. At brunch, it’s buzzing and bright with fresh pastries, truffle toasts and some of the best steak and eggs in the city. There’s an indoor dining room, too, but aim for a seat on that pebbled patio, for best results.

Cliff Diver Malibu restaurant Mexican
Photograph: Courtesy the Cliff Diver
Restaurants, Mexican

The Cliff Diver

icon-location-pin Malibu

Beachbound? Next time you’re headed to Malibu, look for the bright blue hacienda along PCH. This is where bougie surf-shack vibes meet the Mexican coast with the Cliff Diver, a casual, colorful new cantina. Tacos and margaritas rule here, but you can also catch very Malibu-Mexican dishes such as chicken nachos showered in fried kale leaves, and wild-mushroom and nopales quesadillas. Yes, of course there’s frosé, and yes, of course there’s too-cute pineapple-print wallpaper. Lean into it and live your best Pinteresty cantina life.

Sibling Rival Sunday in Brooklyn LA restaurant Hoxton Hotel DTLA
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, American

Sibling Rival

icon-location-pin Downtown Fashion District

Let’s get this out of the way: You’re going to want the pancakes. This modern all-day diner within DTLA’s new Hoxton Hotel is, of course, a sibling (rival) restaurant, and talk about sibling rivalry: Its older sibling is none other than Sunday in Brooklyn, one of New York’s best brunch restaurants. Sibling Rival has its own thing going, though—modernized diner fare, L.A.-inspired cocktails and boozy shakes, a killer pastry program—and while it maintains its own identity, thankfully it brought Sunday in Brooklyn’s cult-classic pancakes along: cakey, fluffy disks absolutely smothered with a warm hazelnut-and-praline butter. They’ve got salads and sandwiches and a decent breakfast burrito, too, but do not leave without at least one (or three) of the pancakes.

Photograph: Courtesy HiHo Cheeseburger
Restaurants, Hamburgers

HiHo Cheeseburger / KazuNori / Uovo Mid-Wilshire

icon-location-pin Beverly Grove

It almost feels like a monopoly, considering some of the same restaurant partners own some of the best casual restaurants scattered around L.A.: HiHo Cheeseburger, with their griddled wagyu-beef patties; KazuNori, with the Sugarfish-backed handrolls; and Uovo, the fresh-from-Italy pastas. Offering the same menus you’ll find at their respective Santa Monica-and-elsewhere locations, you can now visit all three in the same place at once. The new Mid-Wilshire complex conveniently stacks them back to back, which means you can pop in for some blue crab sushi, a bowl of tagliatelle and a double cheeseburger all for one meal, should the craving strike.

Banh Oui Melrose Vietnamese restaurant shrimp toast los angeles
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, Vietnamese

Banh Oui Melrose

icon-location-pin Hollywood

One of our favorite quick-and-casual restaurants expanded with another brick-and-mortar, and this time, it’s bringing the baked goods. Banh Oui’s cheerful new Melrose restaurant still serves chefs Casey Felton and Armen Piskoulian’s French-Vietnamese staples—which means you can still find the stellar bánh mì sandwiches, the fish-sauce wings and garlic fries. But this is the only place you can find their cult-classic shrimp toast, as well as a new pastry program inspired by Felton’s childhood favorites and more delicious cultural mashups: Baklava morning buns, yuzu squares, or mochi muffins, anyone? If you've really got a sweet tooth, stop by on weekend mornings for fresh doughnuts, best paired with large cups of Vietnamese iced coffee.

Tartine Sycamore Hollywood katsu sandwich
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, Cafés

Tartine Sycamore

icon-location-pin Hollywood

San Francisco’s Tartine bakery continues its takeover of L.A.’s bread and baked-goods scenes with Tartine Sycamore, a café and coffee shop sporting house-made bread, sandwiches, pastries, rice porridges, quiches and, of course, Tartine’s signature smørrebrød toasts. The concrete-and-classy decor here mirrors that of its DTLA predecessor, but Sycamore feels cozier, more intimate and a touch more casual—and it’s got a few unique items, too. Order the Hollywood-only chicken katsu sandwich, then grab a seat near the fireplace decked out with cookbooks for some light reading while you wait.

HRB Hand Roll Bar sushi in Downtown Los Angeles DTLA
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, Japanese

HRB: The Hand Roll Bar Experience

icon-location-pin Downtown Financial District

Located unquestionably close to DTLA’s affordable-sushi mainstays—Sugarfish and KazuNori—this new hand-roll bar enters the crowded market with comparable pricing and a handful of fun daily specials. Of course there seems to be a demand; lunch-hour lines can stretch out the door for these sustainably-sourced hand rolls, but HRB also offers to-go bento boxes, which you can conveniently grab from the walk-up window. Sticking around? Throw back some $2 sake shots in the stylish, minimalist counter-seating setting.

Adelaide Coffee and Wine Bar in Gallery Food Hall Social Eats Santa Monica Third Street Promenade
Photograph: Stephanie Breijo
Restaurants, Food court

SOCIALEATS at Gallery Food Hall

icon-location-pin Santa Monica

Third Street Promenade’s big draw might not be the shopping anymore, thanks to its two-story food hall. Celebrity chefs and culinary startups alike fill the stalls, which is how you end up with some very tough choices; making those choices even tougher is the new SOCIALEATS collective, a kind of food hall inside a food hall curating the ground floor of Gallery. This is where you can find David Chang’s new fried chicken spot, Fuku, along with street noodles, bento boxes, tapas and even an Aussie wine bar. Can’t decide? We’ve got a full guide to the entire food hall to point you in the right direction. 

Onda restaurant Santa Monica Los Angeles Jessica Koslow Gabriela Camara
Photograph: Courtesy Onda/Dylan + Jeni
Restaurants, Mexican


icon-location-pin Santa Monica

First and foremost, Onda doesn’t really enter this list ranked at number 14—it’s simply at the end of the round-up because we haven’t had a chance to visit yet. Even considering this, make no mistake, Onda is absolutely a restaurant worth trying in November. It is, after all, the long-awaited project from two of the most influential chefs in the world: Jessica Koslow of Sqirl and Gabriela Cámara of Contramar. Their new restaurant has only been open for two days, but the marriage of L.A. and Mexico City cuisines is so exciting and hyped and intriguing (Turkey quesadillas? Masa-battered kelp?), we can’t not tell you to check it out—and it’s at the top of our personal lists to try, too.

Have you checked out L.A.’s best restaurants yet?