The Affordable Online Art Fair

'Lilies on the River' Rachael Dalzell
Photograph: The Affordable Online Art Fair

Time Out says

Treat yourself to some new art from this financially accessible online art fair

Art can seem exxy. It's not that it's trying to rort you, it's just that it's not always apparent how much time, expertise and materials go into making a work. Having said that, there are ways to purchase art if your discretionary funds are a little lacking. 

The Affordable Online Art Fair pitches itself as having "revolutionised and democratised the art market" by curating art fairs around the world where works go for between £50 - £6,000 (that's roughly $100 to $10,000). 

The events usually take place in person in cities like London, New York and Hong Kong (Melbourne's next IRL fair is booked for September 2021), but due to the events of 2020, the organisers have combined the fairs into a massive online affair accessible to anyone. 

The Affordable Online Art Fair features 50 galleries from across the globe, with thousands of works to choose from. Australia's artistic talent is featured too, with four local galleries making the cut. They are Van Rensburg Galleries (Milton, NSW), Retrospect Galleries (Byron Bay), Manyung Gallery Group (Victoria) and the Gallery Eumundi (Queensland).

You can visit and search works as part of the Affordable Online Art Fair via the Affordable Art Fair's website from November 6.


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