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5 fool-proof indoor plants and where to buy them

Written by
Delima Shanti

Indoor plants are making a huge comeback, and they’re relatively easy to keep alive as long as you know what to look out for. Florist Natasha Shotton and landscape gardener Kate Le Page, who own and run pop-up Mornington nursery Plantsago (look out for them next spring), gave us a rundown of their favourite indoor plants to keep in your home and office. Inspired to get your green thumb on? We've got a run down of the best nurseries in Melbourne

Golden Barrel Cactus

"This is great for indoors and outdoors. It’s a desert plant, so it needs plenty of light and a little water now and then."

Monstera deliciosa 

"A blast from the past, this plant was big in the 1970s and it’s so popular at the moment. Keep this one in filtered light and keep slightly damp but not wet."

Euphorbia Cactus 

"Great for office spaces, or in a pot outdoors. Keep dry with plenty of sunlight."


"These grow long lasting, pink flowers and are best kept indoors. Keep damp though not wet with bright filtered light." (second from left in image below)

String of pearls 

"A great hanging succulent. Let the plant dry out between waters and if pearls break off just push back into the soil using a pencil." 

General care guide 

  • Too much love is not great for plants, so avoid over-watering. 
  • That said, give your indoor plants the occasional shower with the garden hose once a month to keep them clean and healthy.
  • In hot weather, water your indoor plants and treat them to a few ice blocks.
  • Water plants by the touch test - if the soil feels damp no watering required, if it's dry then you can water.

Get your new green babies at the best plant nurseries in Melbourne. 

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