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Etihad Stadium is sprinkling a secret salt this AFL season

Written by
Delima Shanti

If you're going to the St Kilda and Melbourne game on Saturday, you'll be among the first to test taste the ~New and Improved~ hot chips at the Etihad Stadium. The snack bars at the stadium is shaking up its hot chips game starting this season by introducing three new types of salt to sprinkle through the steaming hot fried potato. And you thought there was just regular old salt.

The new players will be a lemon, garlic and oregano flavour and a spicy chilli lime and thyme combo. There's also the third Etihad Stadium secret salt, which we're hoping is the best salt in the entire world: chicken salt. Consider yourself a traditionalist? Regular old salt will be available. 

If you're counting the cents, the hot chips at the Etihad are also the cheapest when compared to prices at other AFL venues. At a measly $4, they're a whopping 20 cents cheaper than the MCG chips. More change for the half-time meat pies. 

Via AFL. 

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