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Massage yoga is a thing, and it's coming to a Melbourne studio near you

Rose Johnstone

There are some things in life (like beer and trampolines) that should never be combined. But there are some things in life that, when united, become even more wonderful than the sum of their parts.

One such pairing is massage and yoga, and friends, that pairing has come to Melbourne. Massage Yoga is the creation of Wallis Murphy, who spent time exploring the benefits of combining Yin Yoga – a slow-paced yoga style that focuses on seated or floor postures – with therapeutic massage. Add to that aromatherapy and binaural music and you've got all the ingredients for relaxation. 

All the yoga instructors have massage training, and the class has a 1:6 teacher/student ratio to ensure that participants are getting enough massage time. 

Classes are running on weekends in yoga studios across Melbourne, from Berwick to Balaclava. Visit the website to book your time on the mat. 

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