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Melbourne's entire rail system has been shut down and your commute home is going to be hell

Melbourne train
Photograph: Zed Fitzhume

UPDATE: Some train services are slowly resuming – follow Metro Trains on Twitter for updates.

It's cold and windy, it's peak hour, and the city's entire rail system has come to a halt. Right now, there are no trains running, and many commuters are stuck on trains between stations. Boom gates on train crossings are closed, which means that car traffic will also be affected. Buses and trams will be packed with would-be train passengers. At the time of writing, the surge price for Uber is x3.5 the normal fare from Southern Cross Station.

Ah Melbourne, what a liveable city. 

Earlier this afternoon, Metro Trains tweeted this ominous message: 

Unfortunately, by that time, many poor souls were already mid-commute, or waiting to catch their train home.  

Unsurprisingly, commuters have taken to Twitter to express their anger at what is surely one of the worst first-world problems ever to exist.


Some helpful travellers have tried to suggest solutions to whatever technical failure has befallen Metro Trains:



... while others are generously giving those of us who haven't yet attempted to leave our workplaces a bit of entertainment.

But hey: at least there's always good old reliable Stony Point line, right?

Good luck, Melbourne: we hope you all get home swiftly and safely. 

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