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Pidapipo is making a hyperlocal gelato with local honey

Written by
Delima Shanti

Lygon Street gelato joint Pidapipo takes the business of cold scoops very, very seriously. Founder Lisa Valmorbida has teamed up with urban beekeeper Nic Dawes of Honey Fingers and self-described "agriculture activists" 3000 Acres to create three limited edition gelato flavours that are all about keeping things local.   

To be specific, the three new flavours are rose and honey nougat, elderflower and lychee sorbetto and the floral ricotta, honey, lemon and lavender. And get this, the honey used in these gelato flavours and the blooms that help feed the bees are all super local. Honey Fingers has beehives around Melbourne, including one on the roof of the Pidapipo shop that produces honey for the gelato, while 3000 Acres have been planting blooms in community gardens around Melbourne including one by Brunswick's Jewell station. The agriculture activists making Melbourne into a prettier place is also giving away seedlings with every cup or cone of the special edition gelato, so you can contribute to your local bee ecosystem.

"Australia has a pretty healthy bee population, but it's constantly threatened by a rapidly changing climate, exotic diseases and pesticides," bee-man Nic Dowse explains. " It's important that there is a good range of bee food in our city. You can help the beers and boost the availability of this tucker by planting bee-friendly pollen and nectar producing flowers." 

Pidapipo's new floral flavours are available until March 31. Doing something good for the local environment has never tasted so good. 

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