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Some legend has invented an all-purpose jacket that’s perfect for Melbourne’s crazy weather

Rebecca Russo

If we’re talking about things that are quintessentially Melbourne, volatile weather sits up there with laneways, coffee, footy and Franco Cozzo. Melburnians know all too well the daily trauma of waking up to sunshine and ending the day in torrential rain. But worry no more – the Melbourne Jacket is here to make you Melbourne weatherproof.

The Melbourne Jacket has the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions at the drop of a hat, transforming itself into a singlet when it gets hot, or into an emergency service storm suit when an unexpected monsoon hits.

Photograph: supplied

It's packed with plenty of weather-fighting features, including corded thongs, ski mask, poncho, rain chaps and even a rechargeable powered heating element. That’s not even all.

It comes with a daggy legionnaires hat:

Melbourne jacket hat

Photograph: supplied

A Myki holster:

Myki holder melbourne jacket

Photograph: supplied

An asthma storm respirator:

Melbourne Jacket Asthma Aspirator

Photograph: supplied

A bib for all those food truck eats you'll inevitably consume:

Bib Melbourne Jacket

Photograph: supplied

And a raincoat for your dog because sure, why not:

Dog raincoat

Photograph: supplied

OK, so yes. This idea is straight-up nuts. But that doesn’t mean it won’t come in handy on your average Melbourne wet weather day.

The idea comes via Melbourne artist Aaron Tyler, who is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get a prototype of the jacket made. We're still unsure whether this thing is for real, but above all else, Tyler has assured us all he wants is for the people of Melbourne to be able to leave their houses knowing all their bases will be covered. This man is the hero Melbourne deserves. 

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