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The Victorian government is creating 17 new Melbourne suburbs to tackle housing affordability

Written by
Rose Johnstone

Ever heard of Plumpton? Know anyone who lives in Quandong? Ever considered buying property in Minta Farm? 

In just a couple of years' time, you could be living and working in one of these suburbs. Today the Victorian Planning Authority announced that they will rezone more than 100,000 blocks to create 17 new suburbs, all of which will be located on the outskirts of Melbourne.

If all goes to plan, the plan will unlock more affordable housing for Victorians. Blocks of land will appear on the market between now and next year, and the state government will invest in town centres, schools and other facilities to foster real communities in these new suburbs. 

According to a statement from the Victorian Planning Authority, Melbourne's land prices are approximately half that of Sydney – and through creating more affordable housing, the state hopes to retain their "competitive edge".

So if you're looking to buy property (and don't mind living on the outer fringes of Melbourne), then Wollert in the north, McPherson in the south-east or Tarneit Plains in the west might be looking pretty attractive right now.

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