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This Lygon Street bar is making vegan food carnivores would love

Written by
Delima Shanti

The B.East is probably known best as a bar that specialises in American-style grub. They recently ran an event dedicated to ribs, and they have a long-running eating challenge where the person who can down the signature B.East triple beef, triple bacon burger in under one minute and thirty seconds and beat the top time gets a $200 cash prize. You get the picture. 

So it's refreshing to see that the Lygon Street bar and live music venue transforms into a vegan paradise on Mondays. They've recently launched a new menu, where they'll be serving vegan versions of southern classics alongside the regular menu. You won't be getting mushy veggie patties or here, there's a vegan take on KFC's Double Down monstrosity (where buns are replaced by fried chicken pieces) which at B.East is served with mock southern fried chicken and facon. If mock meats aren't your thing, there's a smoky barbecue bean and lentil burger on a beetroot-tinged bun. 

The closest thing to meat you'll eat off the vegan menu is the King Shroom burger, which heroes hickory smoked king mushrooms smothered in barbecue sauce and topped with chipotle kale slaw. Look at how huge (and a little rude) these guys are, they're pretty much nature's sausages. 

The B.East's vegan specials will be available for Monday dinners from 5.30pm. Head online to see the complete menu. 

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