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This new app lets you eat at top restaurants for half the price

Written by
William Dunn

We've got an interesting new player on Melbourne’s culinary scene. It's called EatClub, and it's an app that lets you dine at some of Melbourne’s best restaurants for a fraction of the price. "What kind of sorcery is this?" you might ask but fear not my foodie friend, you and your wallet are can rest easy.

The app launched in September with the support of co-founder Marco Pierre White. Yes, that Marco Pierre White. Turns out when’s he’s not busy tearing the next generation of chefs a new one he’s developing methods that will radically change the way you eat in Melbourne.

The idea of EatClub is pretty simple. Over the last few years more and more restaurants have seen a dramatic spike in deliveries but a decline in bums-on-seats customers (here's looking at you UberEats). No one likes semi-cold take-out and no one likes eating in an empty restaurant. You go out for the atmosphere, for the overall experience, just as much as the food itself, and that’s where EatClub comes in.

Restaurants can sign up to the app and offer last minute deals to potential customers in an effort to fill out these quiet restaurants. Discounts on your favourite Melbourne eats can be as much as 50 percent and all deals listed include drinks. Customers are decided on a first come, first serve basis, and there are already over 200 restaurants on board, from Juanita Peaches to Papa Goose.

The app also encourages you to travel your taste buds around the city, as you snag the best deals at the best restaurants and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favourite city hang out along the way.

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