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We went to Kanye West's pop-up store Pablo – here's what we saw

Pablo crowd

Yesterday, news broke that Kanye West was going to open 23 pop-up stores around the world, including Melbourne and Sydney. Lines were already snaking down Brunswick St outside Collarts in Fitzroy last night as Yeezy fans queued up to be first in line for the store's opening at 10am this morning. Many had been camping out overnight to get an item or two from Kanye West and Cali Thornhill DeWitt's collaboration. Don't have time Have better things to do than wait in line in the rain? We popped in for a sticky beak so you don't have to. 

If you're thinking of dropping by for some Pablo swag today, you really should be there already, the lines are insane. 



The windows to Collarts are boarded up to shield the Pablo shirts from unworthy eyes.



Overnight campers weren't looking too bad despite being half down the line to Pablo.


We found Max, the first guy who walked out of Pablo with some sweet Yeezy swag. He didn't look like he was all smiles despite being first in, so we asked him what he saw inside. 


Max with his new Pablo shirt



Hey Max, how did you and your mates manage to get in first?

We've been camping out since about 5pm yesterday night. 

Wow. You're pretty keen. What did you buy?

I bought this long sleeve top and a t-shirt. 

What does it look like in there?

The layout's pretty simple: clothes on racks, white walls, that's about it. The clothing's pretty simple too, a mainly a bunch of t-shirts and hoodies. There's only one item of each size on the racks, so you can't take the clothes off the racks, you just check the clothes out and tell the staff which one you want. You can't try anything on either. 

What would you say to everyone else in the line?

This is going to run for three days, so there should be enough to go around. But I hear there's over 300 people here this morning so who knows. That said, I might come back over the weekend to get some more stuff.



"Any rumor you ever heard about me is true and legendary." Yep, sounds like a Kanye West-ism.



Still thinking of popping into Pablo this weekend? We got a look inside  via Collarts, who managed to get some sneaky snaps inside Pablo. 



Pablo is open at Collarts on 209 Brunswick Street. It's open Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday 11am-5pm. 

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