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You can get bacon ice cream in the city this weekend

Rebecca Russo

There is truly no end to what can be done with bacon. We’ve seen people put it in burgers, on pizzas, wrap it around a turkey leg, and now, make ice cream with it. 

Super popular South Korean ice creamery Milkcow have released a bacon ice cream to coincide with International Bacon Day, which is, apparently, a thing that people celebrate.

Bacon ice cream, Milkcow

Photograph: Supplied

This Saturday September 2, head to Milkcow’s two outposts on Swanston Street and at St Collins Lane food court to get your fix of bacon ice cream. This treat features Milkcow’s signature organic soft serve ice cream served with a caramel rim and house made candied bacon.

There will be limited quantities of this OTT dessert, so best to make a beeline there as soon as doors open.

Did you hear? You can now get edible cookie dough in Melbourne.

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