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You can now get edible cookie dough in Melbourne
Written by
Rebecca Russo

The only thing better than eating warm cookies fresh from the oven is sneaking a few spoonfuls (or spatula licks) of the raw dough before they’re even baked. The only catch? Apparently eating the uncooked stuff isn’t so good for you.

Luckily a Melbourne-based company wants to help with this ethical dilemma. Say hey to Cookie Dough Dream, Melbourne’s first edible cookie dough manufacturers.

And don’t worry, it’s totally safe to eat.

Cookie Dough Dream, edible cookie dough
You can even get Snickers flavour.
Photograph: Supplied

Cookie Dough Dream has seven flavours on offer: salted caramel, coconut, Snickers, Oreo, mint chocolate, M&M and the classic chocolate chip (they’re also working on a vegan option). You can order a tub through their website and deliveries occur daily between 7-10pm (as well as noon-3pm on Tuesday and Wednesdays).

The best part? Their cookie dough is made with pasteurised eggs and heat-treated flour, meaning it’s safe to eat raw. And if you wanted to bake it, you could do that too, but, like, #yolo.

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