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You should be overjoyed that CityMapper has launched in Melbourne – here’s why


Picture this: you’re out on the town, and you’re heading to a party in a part of the city you hardly know. You’re not sure how best to get there by public transport – so what do you do? Grapple with the unwieldy and often-unreliable Google Maps? Give up and get an Uber? Give up and go home?

Nope – you use CityMapper. Last month, global map app CityMapper launched in Sydney and Melbourne after Sydney consistently kept topping the website’s Next City Votes, where CM fans all over the world have the chance to request their city to become the next jewel in the sparkly CityMapper tiara. 

“But Time Out,” I hear you say, “what even is CityMapper and why are you so obsessed with it? We already have public transport apps!”

Let’s do this then. If you’ve been to cities like London, New York or Singapore, then you’ll need no convincing. For everyone else, here’s the deal. Basically, CityMapper is an app that makes getting from A to B insanely simple. Just put in both addresses, and it’ll suggest a range of ways to travel: public transport (accurate down to the minute), walking, cycling, and even Ubering!

And that’s not all. You can set up your regular commute and regular routes and choose your preferred mode of transport. You can find the nearest tram, train and bus stops. You can even tick the ‘get me home’ button if you’re really stuck. And if you tick the ‘jetpack’ option, you’ll get a delightful surprise. 

It’s free and available now. Sufficed to say, people are pleased – very pleased. Take Lord Mayor Robert Doyle for example:

And a host of locals who have experienced the joys of CityMapper elsewhere:  

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