Weird Wednesdays

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Classic Cinemas
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Get into some cult classics and B-grade gems at Classic Cinemas

Good movies are great, but bad movies are often so much better. Every Wednesday, Classic Cinemas and Lido Cinemas are celebrating B-grade films, with low-budget, cult classic and downright terrible movies getting their time in the sun.

Weird Wednesday films are screening upstairs at the Classi, at one of the Classic's four brand-new screens. Past Weird Wednesday films have included Jack Frost, about a murderous possessed snowman, and epically terrible horror film Birdemic, which includes graphics that look like they were made in MS Paint circa 1995. 

The spring season is focusing on the 1960 and '70s, with witches, zombies and plenty of gross-out gore.

These underappreciated (or perhaps perfectly appreciated, for what they are) gems of cinema will be at the Classic and Lido every Wednesday through the end of October. Grab the popcorn and choc tops, because it's going to get weird. 

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