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Little Company

  • Health and beauty
  • Cremorne
  1. A waiting room with white walls, plants and a mustard yellow couch.
    Photograph: Bobby Clark
  2. A facialist gives a woman a shoulder massage as she lies with her eyes shut.
    Little Company
  3. A treatment bed with a golden yellow blanket next to an LED light stand and a basin.
    Photograph: Bobby Clark

Time Out says

Little Company offers holistic skincare to treat your mind, body and soul

If you’re looking for clinical white spaces and products with names that you need a chemistry degree to understand, Little Company is certainly not that. This holistic wellness space focuses on treating skin from the inside out – whether that’s gut or liver health, stress or just taking a second to chill out. The treatment centre in Cremorne (and now Collingwood) is a tranquil escape from hectic city life, with earthy tones, minimalist decor and warm, inviting textures. 

Though the Little Company vibe is more akin to a Byron Bay yoga retreat than a skin clinic, it’s anything but intimidating. The staff welcome you with a genuine conversation targeted to ensure you get exactly what you need from your treatment. Enjoy a glass of chlorophyll-infused water as you fill out your skin questionnaire, including a “how stressed are you from 1-10 right now?” field. Because as my facialist Emily explains, “some people really do need to just come here and breathe".

You only have the option of two treatments at Little Co – and that’s because both come highly personalised to each and every patient. The Ritual is a full mind and body experience, designed to renew much more than just your complexion. You’ll get all the best parts of a facial here, but with full body massage combined with meditative soundscapes and aromatherapy. 

The Remedy is designed to treat more specific skin concerns. Your facialist will quiz you on your current skincare routine, skin history and what you’re trying to achieve in the appointment. From there, they’ll create a bespoke treatment that can include exfoliation and extractions if required. But don't worry, you’ll still get the Little Co signature massage and clearing breathing exercises. The Remedy is perfect for all skin types and uses only natural ingredients – as is the company’s ethos. The clinicians can also refer you to a naturopath to continue your treatment plan if need be. 

Written by
Eliza Campbell


79 Stephenson Street
Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 10am-8pm, Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm
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