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Bellbird at Melbourne Fringe

Blur your reality with Bellbird: a musical installation for children

This year, Melbourne Fringe has created some truly special offerings for kids. There's dancing and comedy at the very first Fringe Kids Club, a podcast where children review contemporary art, and Bellbird: an interactive piece that transforms the world that we experience and blurs the lines between reality and visibility. 

Melbourne Fringe, Artplay and Polyglot Theatre have collaborated on this project, which will see a space filled with hundreds of streaming ribbons attached to brass bells. As children and their families wander through the installation, they will create a unique soundtrack with the bells. Participants will wear a light blindfold, which will render the experience even more unique as a whole new realm of sound opens up. 

Bellbird will run in 20 minute intervals. The installation is accessible to children and families with a disability, and there is a special session on Friday from 10am to midday for children under four.

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