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A Harry Potter-themed brunch is coming to Melbourne

Written by
Juliana Yu

UPDATE: Tickets for Melbourne's Harry Potter-themed brunch are now on sale.

Drop everything and hitch a ride via the nearest broomstick, enchanted vehicle or flying horse-drawn carriage, because there’s a Harry Potter-themed mega brunch coming to Melbourne this May and it sounds downright magical.

They’re calling it the Wizard Brunch, to be held in May at a secret city location that will be transformed into the Hogwarts Great Hall. Organisers are shy on the details for the moment, promising only that it’ll be an immersive entertaining and dining experience that’ll make you forget the existence of the drab muggle world outside.

Guests will feast on dishes inspired by the series, drink ‘magic potions’, and be invited to glug as much butter beer as their bellies can hold. There’ll also be Quidditch, sorting ceremonies and wand lessons as side entertainment on the day.

More details are set to follow, but if you’re happy to hand over your email deets, you can sign up for pre-release tickets on their website. We have to say though, we’ve noticed a raft of novel pop-up bars being announced recently, from ‘ball-pit playground bars’ in December to the (definitely not affiliated with Lego) building block bars hyped last week. With none of these great ideas yet to materialise, we’re starting to wonder if they might all just be a bit of marketing wizardry? After looking into the Wizard Brunch, it's our understanding that the event is being organised by the same people as the ball bit playground and the Lego bar so maybe stay tuned for more information. 

What we do know for certain is that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is coming to Melbourne.

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