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A lunar eclipse will grace Melbourne’s sky very soon
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Mark Wednesday, July 17 in your calendars, Moon-loving citizens of Australia, because we will be treated to a partial lunar eclipse right above our heads. The best part? You won’t have to stay up super late to see it.

A partial lunar eclipse happens when Earth comes between the Sun and a full moon, but they’re not 100 per cent aligned. This means only part of the Moon’s surface will fall into Earth’s shadow, compared to a full lunar eclipse, where the Moon is completely covered by Earth's shadow.

Unlike a solar eclipse, no special equipment is needed to see a lunar eclipse. All you’ll need is a clear sky (keep those fingers crossed – it is winter, after all) and the exact date and time that it will occur.

Lucky for you, the best time to see July 17’s lunar eclipse isn’t in the dead of night. The partial eclipse will begin at 6.01am, where you will see the moon begin to turn a shade of red. At 7.30am, it will reach the maximum eclipse.

It’s likely the moon will be close to the horizon, so try and go to a high point (a rooftop, a hill or one of these places) to see it. The moon is likely to set around 7.38am, so you’ve only got a short window to see this one.

Set your alarms and wish for clear skies.

See the eclipse from one of Melbourne’s top stargazing spots.

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