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Photograph: Anna Kucera

Bring your dog to have a drink at the Rum Diary Bar

Written by
Jess Ho

Now that summer's over, the Rum Diary Bar has packed up its waste-warrior, tiki-themed Sea Turtle Club and is running a dog-friendly, hump-day boozer in support of local dog shelters.

Dan Monk and Dean Jarvis have created safe zones for you to drink with your best mate, as well as Dog Beer so Sparky doesn't miss out on the festivities. Don't worry, the dog beer won't give your furry friends a buzz-on – it's made out of bone broth, water, carrots and molasses and sealed with duck fat. All proceeds of the Dog Beer will be donated to local dog shelters.

Don't have a dog? Don't worry. It's business as usual at the Rum Diary Bar, just with dogs. If you're looking to get yourself a dog, the bar is currently in talks with the RSPCA about setting up an adoption outlet and a registry to become a guide dog trainer. So what are you waiting for? Mark a Wednesday on your calendar, head down to the Rum Diary Bar, have a drink and pat some dogs.

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