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A Telstra phone box on a suburban street in the middle of the night
Photograph: Sarah Walker

Can't sleep? This new arts project wants you to give them a call

The project is looking for 150 Melburnians to leave voicemail messages between midnight and 6am

Nic Dowse

What are you usually doing between the hours of midnight and 6am? For most of us, the answer is probably "sleeping". If you are awake during those wee hours, however, the Nightline is calling on you to leave an anonymous voicemail as part of a new participatory artwork. 

The Nightline project is looking for 150 Melburnians who are awake between midnight and 6am to call its hotline and leave an anonymous voicemail. It doesn't matter why you're up or what you say – the project simply wants to hear the stories, ramblings and thoughts of those awake in the middle of the night. Insomniacs, shift workers, parents of young children and just general night owls are all invited to contribute, and you can leave as many anonymous messages as you like. 

The project is from theatre maker Roslyn Oades and sound artist Bob Scott, with Oades saying: "We want to hear the voices from all night owls – it can be a quick rant, secret confession, discreet experience, simple reflection or beautiful memory. Some of our recordings have featured parents singing a lullaby to their waking child or people sharing their dreams and desires."

A Melbourne street close to dawn
Photograph: Sarah Walker

The Nightline project is part of Melbourne's new Rising festival – the mega new winter arts festival that combines both White Night and Melbourne Festival. All the messages left on the Nightline will be compiled into an audio installation that will be shown across Australia, including at Rising here in Melbourne. 

Want to take part? You can leave a message – any message – on the Nightline between midnight and 6pm. Messages can be left by calling 0457 910 843 and leaving a voicemail, or by recording a voice memo and sending the audio to the same number (you can also use WhatsApp). 

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