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Two profile shots of Dating IRL daters
Photograph: Carmen Zammit

Dating IRL: Adam and Alita

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

Online dating can really suck, so we decided to set up two eligible singles on a blind date at a Melbourne hot spot. We sent them to the Provincial Rooftop to see if sparks would fly…


Alita: It would probably involve a lot of food. I’m just going to put it out there: Smorgy’s buffet. Remember a Smorgy’s buffet when we were growing up? Company is super important, but it’s all about food. 
Adam: Exactly what we had: bar and food. Some music would be good, too.


Alita: I saw him standing at the end of the bar and I thought to myself, “thank goodness he looks like a nice, normal person.” He was very well dressed, he had quite open body language and was very friendly. 
Adam: Lovely! Really easy going and bubbly. She was pretty easy to talk to… basically a non problematic girl. 


Alita: I think we had great conversation, it was a really energetic chemisty. I wouldn’t say there was a romantic chemistry. However, I would really rate him as a quality guy. Definitely good company. 
Adam: Not great. That was probably the only reason why we didn’t hook up for a second date. She would have been easily someone I would have been friends with. Just not a physical attraction.


Alita: Not that I can think of! I think like all blind dates, it’s a little bit awkward at first. He was quite fast to warm up. Nothing majorly awkward. 
Adam: No! Not at all. It was pretty much great from word go to the end. 


Alita: I just said, “thank you and goodnight.” It was a positive experience and it was nice to have a good chat. I had a great time. 
Adam: We didn’t exchange numbers. She said “I’m going to call it a night,” and I said “yep, no problem, I’ve gotta work in the morning.” And that was basically it! 


Alita: No. If he wanted to catch up in a friendly way though, I’m pretty easily found! [laughs]
Adam: No. Only because what I’m looking for is someone I have an attraction to. But hey, if I was looking for another friend, yeah there would have been definitely. 


Alita: ♥♥♥♥ I’m not giving him five because we didn’t have that romantic connection. But on every other level he was great. And I thought about it, I thought when this gets published he is going to be very popular. And he should be – he’s lovely.
Adam: ♥♥♥♥ The date was great. [I would have given] five if we had an attraction to each other and had another date. 

THE DATE SPOT – The Provincial Rooftop

Alita: I loved it! I’ve been there many times before. It is a rooftop, but you’re not cold. It’s very comfortable. The service is fantastic and of course I had a fried chicken sandwich with waffles. It was delicious!
Adam: It was actually really cool. I’d been to the Provincial a few times and had no idea they had a rooftop! It was a bit of a surprise and I would definitely recommend going there again.

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