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Dating IRL Amelia and Brigette
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Dating IRL: Amelia and Brigette

Cassidy Knowlton

Dating app the Inner Circle helped us set up two Melburnians looking for love. We sent them on a date to Gerald's Bar to see if sparks would fly...


Amelia: I think an ideal first date would be something low key; I’d quite like having a picnic in the park or being outdoors.
Brigette: Just sunny afternoon pub beers into dinner.


Amelia: I was walking along to the place and she recognised me on the street, we were walking in the same direction. I guess my first impression is that she was really warm and kind, and also definitely confident.
Brigette: We actually very conveniently ran into each other on the street before arriving. It was a really nice, non-awkward introduction to each other. It honestly just felt like two pals running into each other on the street.


Amelia: I don’t think so. I found her quite engaging to talk to, she was really theatrical and enthusiastic at storytelling. I found her initially quite attractive, but I don’t know that it’s something I want to explore romantically.
Brigette: There wasn’t sparky chemistry, but the conversation was very easy, free flowing.


Amelia: One of the dishes that we got was a fish that was a full fish, and so it was full of bones. So for that entire dish we were trying to eat it while trying to pull bones out of our mouths. They were pin bones so they just kept coming. We were trying to pay attention to what the other person was saying but then had to keep pulling bones out.
Brigette: We had a very bony fish dish, and picking out bones and the fear of choking is really perfect first date material!


Amelia: We stayed there until after close. I didn’t realise how long we’d been there until I poked my head out to find out where everyone was and I saw the chef having a drink at the bar. [Brigette] walked me home after.
Brigette: We were there for four and a half hours, until they were closing. The chef was sitting at the counter having her dinner and we were complimenting her. Amelia conveniently lived down the street, so I walked her home. We didn’t realise how long we’d been there; usually you’re counting down the minutes on a date.


Amelia: I don’t think so; we didn’t make plans for a second date.
Briette: I don’t think so, but I know that I’ll see her out and around. We have a couple of mutual friends.

THE DATE SPOT – Gerald's Bar

Amelia: I loved it. I’ve been there before, it’s on my street. They were really excited to see us, and they were really welcoming. Then we got to meet the chef at the end of the night. Brigette really liked that, she was like, oh my god I can’t believe we got to do that.
Brigette: The food was delicious. The service and the waiters were so lovely and friendly. It was excellent, we had our table under the stairs so it felt like we had our own little world. The pork belly was phenomenal, I think that was both of our favourite.


Amelia: ♥♥♥ I really enjoyed myself, more so than I have in the past. I had a really good time, I think there was a little bit of flirtiness, but I don’t know.
Brigette: ♥♥♥ There wasn’t that spark, but such great company and conversation and just a really pleasant human being.

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Gerald's Bar, 386 Rathdowne St, Carlton North 3054. 03 9349 4748. Daily 5-11pm. 

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