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Dragon Hot Pot now has a vegan broth

Written by
Jess Ho

Vegans have it tough. Not just in general, but especially after a night of drinking. The average person can stumble into any late-night eatery and order a burger, a bowl of ramen or a pizza, but vegans just have to hope and pray that their chips aren't being fried in the same oil that cooks battered hunks of meat. Sadly, options become questionable. 

The heroes at 24-hour pick-your-own-ingredients hot pot joint Dragon Hot Pot have just launched a vegan broth that has been built off simmering vegetables with Sichuan peppercorns to supply you with that numbing, addictive quality synonymous with malatang. Vegans will also have the option of 12 soy products, nine types of mushrooms, 36 vegetables and 15 noodle varieties to add to their pots, so late-night deprivation will be a thing of the past.

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