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Follow this map to find some of Melbourne’s coolest concrete buildings

Hazel Lee

Melbourne’s beauty is a kind of subtle, low-key one; it’s not the in-your-face kind where it demands your attention (we’re looking at you, New York) but instead, it takes a bit of insider knowledge to find its best bits. If you do take the time to look around our fair city, you might just realise how much our city loves concrete. 

Concrete Melbourne Map Prahran Hotel (DO NOT USE AGAIN)
Prahran Hotel
Photograph: Clinton Weaver, © Blue Crow Media

There's really quite something about these big, chunky slabs of pale light or dark concrete. And we’re not the only ones who think so.

Following on from their Brutalist Sydney Map, Blue Crow Media have released a Concrete Melbourne Map. This map cements (pun intended) concrete as the basis of Melbourne's most eye-catching buildings.

Concrete Melbourne Map Royal Women's Car Park (DO NOT USE AGAIN)
The Royal Women's Hospital Car Park in Parkville
Photograph: Clinton Weaver, © Blue Crow Media

This two-sided guide walks readers through 50 concrete projects across Melbourne. There’s the underground car park in the University of Melbourne (you might recognize from the police garage scene in the first Mad Max movie), the Royal Women’s Hospital Car Park, the circular addition to the Prahran Hotel, and St Kilda Library.

Concrete Melbourne Map

Photograph: Supplied

Cop one of these maps at any independent bookstore or here for $16.95.

Find more of Melbourne's most beautiful buildings here.

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