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Australian Truffle Traders Manjimup truffle
Photograph: Supplied

Get fresh truffles delivered to your door within 48 hours

'Tis the season to gorge yourself on truffles

Written by
Rushani Epa

We’re right in the thick of truffle season which occurs from June to September in the southern hemisphere. It’s normal at this time of the year to spot fine diners shaving or microplaning hoards of the stuff all over dishes, but we’re in lockdown and many of us have had to emulate that experience at home. But who said you couldn’t add a touch of opulence to your day-old mac and cheese or your scrambled eggs? 

This is where Australian Truffle Traders steps in. The purveyors of the luxe fungus are now delivering fresh truffles direct from the farm in Manjimup in Western Australia’s southwest right to your door. They're carefully cleaned, graded, sealed, cold-packed and shipped via express post within 48 hours (in most cases).

Truffles from Manjimup are of the same good quality to those sourced in France and New Zealand due to the climate and soil they grow in. At the farm, trained truffle dogs (AKA the goodest boys and girls Molly, Gidgee or Max) hunt for these underground treasures.

What’s even better is that Australian Truffle Traders are able to deliver anywhere across the country. Looking for a gift for your food-obsessed friend? Consider it done. Purchase yours now before truffle season ends here.

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