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Help Australia's drought-stricken farmers while dancing on the deck of the Titanic
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Have you been to Melbourne's Titanic-themed dinner theatre restaurant? It is a wild night, and that's even before the iceberg. 

The whole night feels like a nautical ‘90s wedding and is every bit as nostalgically awesome as that sounds. Think dancing (from Irish jigs through elegant waltzes and all the way up to the Chicken Dance), bawdy jokes and parody '80s songs. 

It's a whole lot of fun, and for one night in November, your heart can go on while you're raising money for a very important cause. Two Tasmanian truck drivers, Dean Stubbs and Rohan Innes, are delivering up to 500 bales of hay to Dubbo to help drought-affected farmers feed their cattle and keep their livelihoods. And the Titanic Theatre Restaurant is helping them on their journey. 

As a special fundraiser on November 9, Titanic will donate $60 from every ticket to help Stubbs and Innes bring much-needed relief to Dubbo farmers. Two fully restored Mack trucks full of hay will be parked outside the Titanic on the night, and from there they'll journey on to NSW. 

Contact the Titanic Theatre Restaurant for tickets and do your bit to help Australia's farmers. And yes, they'll play the song. 

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