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It’s par-tee time: Holey Moley are running a mini golf tournament

Holey Moley The Glory Hole
Photograph: Carmen Zammit

Melbourne’s mini golf bar Holey Moley is running the inaugural Holey Moley Masters competition nationally this March.  

Though the event is named after the actual golfing Masters competition, it will (thankfully) be run a little different. The Holey Moley team will be ditching the polo shirts and polite clapping and honing in on the fun: teams will compete over four weeks to become the crowning winners of their home course. Each competition night will be more like a party than a stuffy tournament so expect DJs, cocktails and plenty of drinks from 5 Seeds Cider.  

The winning team from each Holey Moley venue (they have nine across Australia) will be flown to Melbourne (hello!) to represent their home state in an epic final battle. The winners will then be presented with $10,000 and their own golden golfing jackets.

Think you’ve got the mini golfing goods? Round one tees off on Wednesday March 28 with the championship final happening on Thursday April 19. To enter head over to Holey Moley’s website and sign up.  

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