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Roller Skates, white with blue laces and link wheels
Photograph: Laura Stanley/Pexels

Learn to roller skate with this free, online course run by a local derby club

You'll get one-on-one instruction, via Zoom, and it's all free

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Many of us have taken up (and yes, sometimes put back down again) iso hobbies, and one of the more popular sports people have decided to take up during this time is roller skating. But once you've put wheeled shoes on your feet, what then?  There are video tutorials, but if you want an actual human to give you instruction via Zoom, South Sea Roller Derby is running a six-week learn-to-skate course

The on-skates component runs every Sunday night at 5pm, and you need skates, gear (kneepads, wrist guards, helmet, elbow pads) and a phone. Qualified coaches will teach you the basics of skate safety, how to roll forwards and backwards, how to stop, how to fall safely, footwork basics and more. The sessions are run live, but if you miss one you can catch up, as they will also be recorded and posted online. There will also be off-skates fitness lessons and virtual social occasions throughout the six weeks. You don't need a large area, either, as all lessons are designed to be done in a space the size of a small lounge room. 

If you fall in love with skating, South Sea Roller Derby (which is where I skate) hopes to reopen for in-person instruction at the end of the year. But whether you're on a path to become a roller derby demon or you just want to learn how to roll around your suburb, the six-week course will set you up. 

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