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A hand pouring Craft and Co Gingerbread Gin
Photograph: Craft and Co

Melbourne distillery Craft and Co has created a gingerbread gin

It's as cosy as a warm doona and sensational in cocktails

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

We're of the opinion that you can't improve on perfection, but the gin-loving folks at Collingwood's Craft and Co have found a way to make gin even better. The distillery has created a Gingerbread Gin, which was one of Australia's best-selling independent gins in 2019 and has won medals in Germany, London, China and Australia. Now the warmly spiced gin is back, tasting of Christmas and ready for sipping neat or mixed into a cocktail. 

You can order Gingerbread Gin directly from the distillery, or you can get it at retailers like Dan Murphy's. In it you'll taste macerated ginger root, nutmeg, cinnamon and tonka beans, which may bring to mind the warmth of Christmas puddings, holiday candles and of course, the eponymous treat.

It comes in a pretty gift box, so it's the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list – or for yourself. 

Craft and Co recommends putting the Gingerbread Gin in a Gin Alexander cocktail, with cream and creme de cacao or in Gingerbread Egg Nog, with milk, cream, egg yolks and nutmeg. Or if you want a summery sipper that's more refreshment than straight Christmas, try a Gingerbread Sunset, with Aperol, ginger beer and lime. 

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