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MIFF will screen an all-night Nicolas Cage marathon, because obviously

Nick Dent

After midnight at the Astor during Melbourne International Film Festival is the Witching Hour, when the respectable veneer of cinema cracks open and unspeakable things fly out. Last year they held a marathon of some of the strangest science fiction movies we've ever seen. This year, in a stroke of mad genius, they will be showing back-to-back Nicolas Cage movies. 

Let that sink in for a moment. Twelve hours of non-stop Nic. He's been called the "most memeable" actor in history thanks to his maniacal turns in the likes of The Wicker Man ("Not the bees!") and Vampire's Kiss (yes, he really ate that cockroach). And we're willing to bet that those two masterpieces will be on the bill when the full program of MIFF 2018 is announced on Tuesday July 10.

While you are watching the Cage-a-Thon, be sure to remind yourself from time to time that this man has won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Here are some sneak peek highlights of MIFF 2018.

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