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Close up shot of boozy hot milo in a mug,  topped with marshmallows
Photograph: Supplied

Riverland Bar is serving mugs of boozy hot Milo this winter

The drink of your winter has arrived

By Rushani Epa

The weather's starting to cool down, and our kettles are starting to get their annual workout. You know what it's time for? A hot beveragino.

For those of us who have the palate of a child, a hot drink like Milo might do just the trick. But you know what's even better? A bar serving hot boozy Milos.

Waterfront bar Riverland is serving up its steaming cups of boozy hot Milo again, and we're here for it. The $15 hot cocktail will really make you "go and go and go", with Havana Club rum, maple syrup and cream all stirred into the Milo mix. It's then topped with marshmallows for that extra hit of sugar.

If you'd rather a classic cup of mulled wine you can get that at Riverland too (and even opt to add an extra shot of rum, brandy or whisky).

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